New Orleans 

Did you know that New Orleans is the most haunted city in America😧😳👻

When we got there we checked in to our HUGE still fancy but HUGE hotel. Then we went to the palace cafe and there were these cool New Orleans singers that came to our table and sung a few songs (they were really good. You should of heard them. I had a Scrumshiddlydumpshios steak and Clementine had angel’s hair pasta. After our dinner we had a bananas foster and the waiter cooked it up close to our table and in one part the flames went so high I lept back a foot. After that we walked back through the lit up night to the hotel and then went to bed.

In the morning I fooled Clem by putting no sound headphones that I wear to bed on my giant unicorn stuffed animal, tucked her in and Clementine totally thought I turned into a unicorn but then found me. Then we went down to Cafe Du Monde for some Scrumshiddlydumpshios beignets with warm hot cocoa. Then we looked down the shops and eventually made it back to the hotel where we checked out and started our drive home


I don’t think you know this but Savannah is a pirate town. To me that’s pretty cool👻😧

When we got there we went to an awesome haunted pirate cafe called the pirate house for a scrumptious lunch. It was kind of spooky. There was also a pirate chest filled with lollipops😝🍭. It turns out that when the Pirates used to go there when they had to much beer and stuff they would pass out and the other pirates would put them down a chute and they would wake up on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Once a Savannah policeman went to have a drink at the Pirates house and woke up on a ship sailing to China. It took him 2 YEARS to get back to Savannah. Later we got really good ice cream from Leopold ‘s After that we went on a walk by the riverfront. There we got Eddie (for those that do not know he is our dog) a bow tie collar and a puppy lollipop treat. Then we checked in to our fancy hotel had a warm bath after swimming in the pool of the hotel and we found out that lit the window doors open to the bathtub (in the picture below mama took a picture through the door things) and then ordered a fancy dinner and then went to bed.

In the morning we walked down a few blocks of Savannah to a coffee shop where me and Clem had croissants and she had apple juice and I had a smoothie (it was good I recommend if you ever go to Savannah eat at the sentient bean for breakfast) then we walked through the park back to the hotel. Then we checked out and left.


When we got there we went on a walk in downtown and then we met Liv and Kai and their mom Carolyn (their dad Eric was on a trip) for dinner and we saw a cool rainbow so big that I had to look through 3 windows. Then we went to their house and met their dog Rosa a tiger stripy brindle mutt and she was super cute.

In the morning we got up and played for about an hour around the house  and then went to the beach. At the beach there was SuperBig waves (and yes I created the word SuperBig) on the biggest Kai tried to use the boogie board as a shield but only I got behind but he held it from the bottom and as it tipped backwards Kai landed on top but I was trapped under and held there for almost a minute but I escaped. The waves were so big that they were practically tsunamis 🏖 😧 After the beach the parents got beer and adult stuff and the kids got frozen yogurt at dolce banana ( if you ever go there try the mint chocolate chip) After that we went home, had dinner and went to bed. 

In the morning only the Davis family went on a carriage ride to see the town of charleston. It was interesting and at the stop I got to pet a mule. After that their dad came home. After the ride we went to the marine biology lab that their dad works at and we were on a mission to catch fiddler crabs for a turtle missing 3 claws and I held a horseshoe crab. Did you know that they have blue blood and are more related to spiders than crabs. and then went kayacking to the beach and me and Liv found a dead horseshoe crab, it was a male, we also caught some tiny fiddler crabs. then we drifted down the slow current. After that we went home and the babysitter came and we played on mine craft and went to bed.

In the morning we woke up and packed our boxes and then played a little and then we left.


When we got there we met Kaylen and Noah the kids who were 11 and 8  Later we went go carting around the block and met some of Noah’s friends and then we had a Scrumshiddlydumpshios  dinner.

 In the morning we played a little more and then we went to the aquarium and saw sharks fish and turtles. And I pet a shark. It felt like leather. After that we played with Pokemon and carted again and then had dinner and went to bed. 

In the morning we got in swimsuits and went to Carolina beach and played and had lunch there (we stayed the for the afternoon) and then we went to the neighborhood pool for about 20 minutes and had dinner and then went to bed. In the morning we went to see the city. First we went to lunch and then looked around the shops and I created my own necklace with even a real shark tooth!. Then we went on a boat tour on the cape fear river and went back. Then me and Kaylen drew and Noah and Clem played in the yard after that we had dinner and dessert and watched big hero 6. 

In the morning we watched some more movies, played, had lunch and then left. Wilmington looks like a cool place to live😀

The outer banks

The outer banks is my favorite beach👍🏻🏝

When we got there we went to tortugas lie a restaurant. Which had Scrumshiddlydumpshios food and we got a seat next to a little aquarium which was cool Then we went to the beach to put our feet in. Then we made a one and a half hour drive to the hotel. In the morning we had an apple ugly. An apple ugly is a famous pastry of North Carolina. Tis also Scrumshiddlydumpshios  Then we went we went to the beach and we wave jumped dove  and made dribble castles. Then we went to the cape hatteras lighthouse the biggest made out of bricks. It was huge! Last but not least we drove to a ferry.

Cape Charles

We got there, played with Louden and Ellie like making cool forts and seeing the house and then walked to the beach where we used the floatie, played in the water and made sand and dribble castles. One of them had a huge moat and a doorway and it was hollowed on the inside. It was fun to make. After that we walked back showered ate and went on our way


When we got there we went to a good dinner place and then stayed at the refuge inn (our hotel) that even had 3 horses! 

In the morning we went to assateague island to my first wildlife refuge biking 6 miles to see horses which we did not but we did have fun on the beaches and collected shells. The beaches had soft sand. After that we went to lunch and then to the island creamery which is supposed to be a very good ice cream place and it was Scrumshiddlydumpshios. And then we went in the pool and the hot tub at our hotel. And after that we went on a sunset cruise and saw some horses and a pretty cool sunset. In the morning we had breakfast and left. 

New Jersey

When we got there we greeted uncle Rob. Then we got to the beach with Austin and Ryder and played lacrosse. And we stayed with them for a few hours at their house with a babysitter and played until late.

In the morning  we got hot bagels and more.Then we went to the beach with them again and stayed for 5 hours. Then  we got huge! ( and good ) subs and went to dairy bar a really good ice cream place for dessert. 

And in the morning we visited mamom and popop’s bench and then we left


When we got there we decided to wade in to the lake in our clothes then Desmond and Julian got there and we played. I slept in Julian’s room.

 In the morning we got to get up early and we had bagels. And then we swam in the pool. It was cold. Then we got out had lunch and the grandparents came we had dinner with the grand parents. Then we met a cat and we named her lake because we did not know her name. 

In the morning we had waffles and then discovered we had lice! So we put stuff in our hair but the next day the profecional said it did not work we also swam and fished. 

The next day we had a lice profecional come and then our friends and a babysitter came. In the morning we swam in the lake and fished and played. and in the evening we got our hair cut at transformations hair salon and our cousins left. 

In the morning we packed up and left to the next stop and Melissa and Robin came so did Parker and Christie there was also this really cool water snake

York Pennsylvania

When we got there only aunt Liz was home. Also Stan Stella and Luna their Guinea pigs Oreo their bunny and mozzle teddy and queenie their dogs. We picked up Jonathan one of our cousins and got Rita’s water ice. It was totally yummy Then Rosie another cousin came home with uncle Doug. We all played together. Later we slept in Jacob’s room because he was not here 

in the morning we went horseback riding on her horse Basil. I trotted and posted on Basil! Later we did pinball and air hockey and ping pong in their basement. And Jonathan kept on scoring on Rosie it was funny to watch. Soon later we made glass pendants After that we went to Tokyo diner at a hibachi diner. That was delicious. Then we pet Stan the Guinea pig. 

In the morning we took our glass from the kiln but it dropped and broke then we said goodbye and left York was very fun