Nine.2 and Twelve.2

The past two months flew by in the blink of an eye! And yet, these phenomenal girls managed to accomplish so much!


Oompa Loompa #3 with two of her biggest fans – Micah and Travis

Clementine was disappointed in the fall when, after she was shockingly cast as Jane Banks in Mary Poppins for her first ever theater performance, she got the part of “Oompa Loompa #3” instead of Charlie in “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” But after a few tears, she completely got over it and took on that role with gusto, having a wonderful time and (grandparents in attendance will confirm) becoming the most adorable darn Oompa that has ever Loompa’ed.

Our skater girl, with the adorable Tversky “Tvins” Hazel and Leo

Clem’s other extra-curricular passion continues to be figure skating, where she made another big leap over the past couple months! She worked hard at new skills such as bunny hops and spirals and ended up passing out of the entire “Basic” program at the rink (one of only a handful of kids who passed through so quickly), which means things are about to get much more challenging and more fun. Starting next week, she’ll get to participate in multiple lessons, including training that will improve her strength and endurance.

School days with some besties Leo and Darley (and Eddie & Leo’s dog)

With all that focus on the extra-curricular, Clem isn’t letting school slip. She had a beautiful teacher conference that confirmed she is not only doing incredibly well academically (it turns our our modest little brainiac is halfway through 7th grade math as a 3rd grader!), she’s a leader, excellent participant, extremely inclusive of others and just an all-around awesome student.

Time for the tooth fairy!

And she’s down a tooth! After a long hiatus, it seems the next round of teeth are on their way out. And we confirmed everything else is on track for this girl health-wise. At her 9yo check up she remained in the shrimpy 80-85th percentile (well, shrimpy for a Davis). Emotionally, she still struggles with getting distracted (we set a lot of timers these days) and letting big feelings overcome her (the latest: she feels SO guilty for being jealous of kids who are better than her at something. And it’s not the jealousy but the guilt that is eating her up inside), but over all she is truly having a wonderful year – which we feel extremely lucky and grateful for.


Starbucks, her guilty pleasure on the way to Mounted Archery

Isn’t it crazy how old this girl is? She is a true tween, going between extreme maturity and being our little girl, but the maturity is starting to win out. She has been managing her (intense) school work beautifully (latest report cards are straight A+ at the hardest middle school in Austin) without nearly as much stress as last year, has started taking on more responsibility such as cooking us gourmet dinners several time, and has been working on building strength and skill with archery at home during the week so her weekly mounted practices continue to improve.

Photo Credit: Grampa Charlie

In fact, you are looking at a girl who will be the youngest mounted archer to compete as part of the U.S. Cultural Heritage Team in the Texas International Archery Festival in April! It’s going to be a very tough event (especially since it’ll be her first competition) but she is very, very excited and her coach continues to be amazed at the rate she is improving.

Hello Fresh meal kit for dinner

Annabelle’s focus on health and nutrition has deepened, but in a healthy way. She makes herself gourmet breakfasts each morning (think: acai bowls with fruit and seeds), batch cooks her school lunches (example: pork bibimbap) and, as I mentioned, cooks us dinner often. She is always experimenting, too – this week she made several attempts at boba tea, with some very odd boba results… but she gets credit for effort! Not nearly as much effort for tidying up the kitchen after, but messy has never been/will never be her strong suit

All in all, we are feeling really thankful for the year both of these girls seem to be having, and how much we’re enjoying not just raising them, but spending time with them. As we’ve encountered an uptick in friends and family dealing with tough stuff lately (not to mention the scariness of the political climate, Coronavirus, etc.), we are trying to be present, embrace opportunities (how do I not have pics of Mardi Gras from last month – we all had a blast!! Perhaps part of my goal of being present instead of just photodocumenting?) and not take life too seriously. And occasionally blog about it for the 3 of you that still check this thing 🙂

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