Twelve and Nine

Holy moly, our tiny girls are now 12 and 9, and how spectacular they are! Because I am either too busy or too lazy or both, I’m going to borrow some already-created content rather than attack the challenge that is summing up these incredible humans from scratch.

First I’ll “borrow” the social media posts I used:

9 years ago, this amazing presence completed our family. She shows us the beauty in the tiniest details, teaches us the power of fierce compassion, and helps a family of rushers slow down. She is wise in a way that catches you off guard, and when she grabs your hand or holds you tight, you realize you must be special. Happy birthday, Clementine Jane. We are so lucky you are ours!

12 years ago this sweet face started sizing up the world and decided that anything is possible, and she has been working hard to turn possibility into reality ever since! The world needs more Annabelles, but there is only one and we are so lucky she is ours. Happy birthday to our brave, brainy, beautiful, funny, focused and fierce @horse_warrior !

Then I will add this video where they tell us about themselves in their own words for a change. Yes, perhaps this is the easy route but I’ve also realized lately that we’ve all but stopped taking videos of these girls other than to record their various ice skating spins or mounted archery runs – maybe the occasional award ceremony or musical performance – but nothing that will make us laugh and tear up about what they sounded like and acted like and felt like at every age. Without further ado:

They were a little low energy after a night of partying till past midnight to ring in the new decade, but I won’t hold it against them.

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