This kid. The other day I actually said, “Man if she wasn’t mine, I’d find all of her accomplishments kind of annoying.”

Also if she wasn’t so darn cute…

Annabelle has been tearing up life in general. She’s got an A+ average in every school subject (although she is working her butt off to achieve that – it’s not coming easy) and continues to completely blow away her mounted archery coach (who has invited her to train with the United States Cultural Heritage Team – the youngest kid by 5 years):

Now she rides in open fields, shooting multiple soccer balls in <20 seconds)

She was also selected to be a contestant in a reality TV show, which I’m not allowed to talk about but will take us to LA all next week. This is one of the crazier experiences we’ve ever had and I’m just crossing every finger and toe that it will be a positive one for her… since there’s no doubt in my mind that this footage will be watched by everyone she knows (and will know in the future).

Because this is how everyone she knows spends their time

She’s been able to keep her anxiety at bay, and is somewhat managing her extreme focus on healthy eating (borderline orthorexia) and no longer losing any weight. She also has great friends who are as adorable and interesting and goofy and awkward as she is, which I absolutely love. She’s still not (nor will she ever be) warm and fuzzy, but she and I are as close as ever, partly due to my willingness to drive her 45 minutes away for mounted archery (and both her gratefulness and the sheer amount of time the means we have to chat). I know the scary teen years are knocking at our door, but so far, so good.

Where’s Waldo? And Woof? Cute last minute Halloween costume for both!

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