Clementine: 8 and a HALF

Dude ranching

What a month this girl has had! Out of the grip of her challenging school situation, she has had a fantastic summer of camps (wet & wild adventure camp! horse camp! ice skating camp!) and a week with her cousins at a Wyoming dude ranch that she described as “heaven on earth.” She has been an absolute joy, while also staying on top of basic math and social studies (and reading a book a day at least!) so she’ll be prepared for her grade-skipping test that happens next week.

Hanging with a suffragist at the Colorado History Museum

It was hilarious hearing about Clementine from Nichole and Glenn, who’d never spent so much time with her. They learned quickly about “ClemenTIME”, e.g., after 20 minutes of showing, they asked how she was doing and she mentioned that she didn’t have any soap or shampoo. By the end of the dude ranch week they were waking her up 30 minutes before everybody else, moving her showers to the final slot, and generally alotting for plenty of daydreaming interludes. This girl does not know what it means to be in a rush, which drives us up a wall but is a small price to pay for all the care she takes to love everyone in her life.

Swimming with Dada in South Padre

Clem’s latest camp is far away and picks up at rush hour so we have plenty of chatting time. I think of it as “filling up on her” before she heads to overnight camp in a couple weeks. Yesterday she told me she feels bad for mail carriers because most people don’t talk to them, and they must get lonely. “I try to talk to every mail carrier I see,” she told me. That’s just Clem.

Summer is flying by (which I hate) but I am excited for what the next half-year will bring for our little girl. Will she be in 3rd or 4th grade, for starters (we probably won’t hear until right before school starts). Will she make a new friend group at school since so many of her besties have left? She wants to try out for her next musical production – Willy Wonka. Will she nail her second audition and get another big part or will she learn the fun of the ensemble? And will she continue with ice skating (she is HOOKED) and piano (less so these days) throughout the school year? All of those answers will be so obvious in the blink of an eye – I’m just glad that no matter how much she grows as time speeds ahead, she’ll always be our baby.

Big and little and a Texas Coast sunset

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