Eight.3 and Eleven.3

After some coaxing, I’ve decided to keep this blog going for a while longer with a to-do to figure out better password protecting in the future. So now I have a little catching up to do!

This girl has had a couple months of “wins” at a time when she really needed them. She passed out of the “blue frogs” in gymnastics (with some impressive backbend-kickover moves!), passed into the second level of her new love, figure skating (I must admit I’m a proud mom here!), got the lead role of Jane Banks in the children’s theater production of Mary Poppins, and even “passed” out of going to therapy with Dr. Laura to talk about her sadness and worries! Which is not to say that she is sadness/worry free – but she is doing a lot better at coping with those big feelings (animal hugs always help, for example):

Clementine is now 8 and a quarter, and she continues to get more complex. She gets completely wrapped up in books and artwork and music, but has trouble focusing at school sometimes (her behavior isn’t always stellar for this reason). And she cringes at the thought of upsetting or disappointing anyone, but then makes a giant mess and forgets to clean it up, or doesn’t complete a task no matter how many times you remind her. Going camping with friends last week, we’d often find her digging alone in the dirt or mixing up pretend concoctions, sort of forgetting that she was there with a friend who wanted to interact with her.

Clementine continues to excel academically (quote from the latest report card: “Clementine continues to perform well in all academic areas, is always attentive, and her contributions are accurate, enthusiastic and frequent”), especially in the areas she’s allowed to do with the 3rdgraders, and still wants to try to skip a grade this summer, but I’m torn because I think maturity-wise, she is pretty age-appropriate. That said, it seems she acts MORE mature when hanging with older kids, so perhaps that’s still the right answer. We’ll see in a few months when it’s time for her to take those district tests (and she’ll see those tests better with these new glasses!)

In the mean time we’ve figured out other ways to challenge Clementine – like her big Whatacorn.com launch this past month! She has learned so much about revenue, expenses and profits and is determined to raise money for charity with this endeavor. And her commitment to quality in everything she does is shining through as it always does (funny watching her scold her employee Annabelle when big sis’s work isn’t up to snuff) – she is determined to sell a high quality product and make her customers happy!

At 11.25, the anxiety is still pretty strong with this girl, and she has taken over Clem’s weekly appointments with Dr. Laura. But she continues to excel in school (all A+ grades), have many friends, and (when the anxiety doesn’t rear) and continue her joyful, creative and fun way of tackling everything head on! She’s constantly getting friends and neighbors in on her plans, whether it’s a slime-making extravaganza, a fake horse supply catalog, or Whatacorn’s social media presence. Yesterday, no joke, she said, “I have an awesome idea. Let’s make a family-wide banana challenge. We’ll see who can go the longest having ONLY bananas as food.”

In more serious challenges, Annabelle’s archery coach finally gave her a very specific training plan and the kiddo got Marc to make room for garage shooting, so now she is pushing herself there 6 days a week, too. She has a color coded 10 year plan in place to get to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, which she will gladly show you. In other words, Annabelle is “killing it” at life… when her anxiety isn’t making her sure she’s going to pick the wrong foreign language to take next year which will no doubt result in the earth stopping spinning.

One more thing to note about Annabelle – she is suddenly TALL. She measured 5’4.5 in February and I’m pretty sure that spurt was just the beginning. She wears a 9.5 shoe, and while we’ve still been shopping for her in kids’ sections (except for shoes), I think this is about to end (tricky because she is still mostly shaped like a kid). I wouldn’t be surprised if by this time next year, she is 5’8. And stunning. At least, when she remembers to shower or at least brush her hair. She does seem to need a larger pony to ride (especially according to the current pony)

All in all, the girls are doing really well. They are counting the weeks till summer vacation – 8 more! – but I love how much they’ve fallen in love with passions outside of school in the meantime (Clem: acting & ice skating; Annabelle: archery & horses). And with only 9 more weeks of work on my end before I take the summer off and then re-start Alkali Marketing, I might be the most excited of all. I can’t wait to have more time with these kiddos while they still like having their mama around!

Checking in with our adoring fans…

Hello family! As you know, I’ve been using this site partially to connect with family and partially as my own personal “baby book” about the girls as they grow up each month. But they’ve been getting older and more complex, and I’ve been getting a little more concerned about sharing their “big kid/tween” lives in such a public way (despite the fact that we have maybe 3 readers, this site can be found). Plus, I’m able to share a lot these days on Instagram and Facebook, so I’m not sure these blog posts are as necessary.

So I think I’ll either archive this blog (and just keep some journal notes for myself) or keep writing, but password-protect it. If you wouldn’t mind, please email me to let me know if you still love reading it and want a password, or if you think it’s okay to let this one slide as the girls are hitting an age where their inner lives should be more private.

Thanks so much for the loyal following – we love you!


UPDATE! Getting some mixed response so I asked Annabelle if she cared and she said she did not. So I might not be AS regular, and I’m going to figure out a way to password protect it, but the blog will go on for now. If you are a reader, let me know so I can get you a password!