New Orleans 

Did you know that New Orleans is the most haunted city in America😧😳👻

When we got there we checked in to our HUGE still fancy but HUGE hotel. Then we went to the palace cafe and there were these cool New Orleans singers that came to our table and sung a few songs (they were really good. You should of heard them. I had a Scrumshiddlydumpshios steak and Clementine had angel’s hair pasta. After our dinner we had a bananas foster and the waiter cooked it up close to our table and in one part the flames went so high I lept back a foot. After that we walked back through the lit up night to the hotel and then went to bed.

In the morning I fooled Clem by putting no sound headphones that I wear to bed on my giant unicorn stuffed animal, tucked her in and Clementine totally thought I turned into a unicorn but then found me. Then we went down to Cafe Du Monde for some Scrumshiddlydumpshios beignets with warm hot cocoa. Then we looked down the shops and eventually made it back to the hotel where we checked out and started our drive home

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