I don’t think you know this but Savannah is a pirate town. To me that’s pretty cool👻😧

When we got there we went to an awesome haunted pirate cafe called the pirate house for a scrumptious lunch. It was kind of spooky. There was also a pirate chest filled with lollipops😝🍭. It turns out that when the Pirates used to go there when they had to much beer and stuff they would pass out and the other pirates would put them down a chute and they would wake up on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Once a Savannah policeman went to have a drink at the Pirates house and woke up on a ship sailing to China. It took him 2 YEARS to get back to Savannah. Later we got really good ice cream from Leopold ‘s After that we went on a walk by the riverfront. There we got Eddie (for those that do not know he is our dog) a bow tie collar and a puppy lollipop treat. Then we checked in to our fancy hotel had a warm bath after swimming in the pool of the hotel and we found out that lit the window doors open to the bathtub (in the picture below mama took a picture through the door things) and then ordered a fancy dinner and then went to bed.

In the morning we walked down a few blocks of Savannah to a coffee shop where me and Clem had croissants and she had apple juice and I had a smoothie (it was good I recommend if you ever go to Savannah eat at the sentient bean for breakfast) then we walked through the park back to the hotel. Then we checked out and left.

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