When we got there we went on a walk in downtown and then we met Liv and Kai and their mom Carolyn (their dad Eric was on a trip) for dinner and we saw a cool rainbow so big that I had to look through 3 windows. Then we went to their house and met their dog Rosa a tiger stripy brindle mutt and she was super cute.

In the morning we got up and played for about an hour around the house  and then went to the beach. At the beach there was SuperBig waves (and yes I created the word SuperBig) on the biggest Kai tried to use the boogie board as a shield but only I got behind but he held it from the bottom and as it tipped backwards Kai landed on top but I was trapped under and held there for almost a minute but I escaped. The waves were so big that they were practically tsunamis 🏖 😧 After the beach the parents got beer and adult stuff and the kids got frozen yogurt at dolce banana ( if you ever go there try the mint chocolate chip) After that we went home, had dinner and went to bed. 

In the morning only the Davis family went on a carriage ride to see the town of charleston. It was interesting and at the stop I got to pet a mule. After that their dad came home. After the ride we went to the marine biology lab that their dad works at and we were on a mission to catch fiddler crabs for a turtle missing 3 claws and I held a horseshoe crab. Did you know that they have blue blood and are more related to spiders than crabs. and then went kayacking to the beach and me and Liv found a dead horseshoe crab, it was a male, we also caught some tiny fiddler crabs. then we drifted down the slow current. After that we went home and the babysitter came and we played on mine craft and went to bed.

In the morning we woke up and packed our boxes and then played a little and then we left.

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