When we got there we met Kaylen and Noah the kids who were 11 and 8  Later we went go carting around the block and met some of Noah’s friends and then we had a Scrumshiddlydumpshios  dinner.

 In the morning we played a little more and then we went to the aquarium and saw sharks fish and turtles. And I pet a shark. It felt like leather. After that we played with Pokemon and carted again and then had dinner and went to bed. 

In the morning we got in swimsuits and went to Carolina beach and played and had lunch there (we stayed the for the afternoon) and then we went to the neighborhood pool for about 20 minutes and had dinner and then went to bed. In the morning we went to see the city. First we went to lunch and then looked around the shops and I created my own necklace with even a real shark tooth!. Then we went on a boat tour on the cape fear river and went back. Then me and Kaylen drew and Noah and Clem played in the yard after that we had dinner and dessert and watched big hero 6. 

In the morning we watched some more movies, played, had lunch and then left. Wilmington looks like a cool place to live😀

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