When we got there we decided to wade in to the lake in our clothes then Desmond and Julian got there and we played. I slept in Julian’s room.

 In the morning we got to get up early and we had bagels. And then we swam in the pool. It was cold. Then we got out had lunch and the grandparents came we had dinner with the grand parents. Then we met a cat and we named her lake because we did not know her name. 

In the morning we had waffles and then discovered we had lice! So we put stuff in our hair but the next day the profecional said it did not work we also swam and fished. 

The next day we had a lice profecional come and then our friends and a babysitter came. In the morning we swam in the lake and fished and played. and in the evening we got our hair cut at transformations hair salon and our cousins left. 

In the morning we packed up and left to the next stop and Melissa and Robin came so did Parker and Christie there was also this really cool water snake

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