York Pennsylvania

When we got there only aunt Liz was home. Also Stan Stella and Luna their Guinea pigs Oreo their bunny and mozzle teddy and queenie their dogs. We picked up Jonathan one of our cousins and got Rita’s water ice. It was totally yummy Then Rosie another cousin came home with uncle Doug. We all played together. Later we slept in Jacob’s room because he was not here 

in the morning we went horseback riding on her horse Basil. I trotted and posted on Basil! Later we did pinball and air hockey and ping pong in their basement. And Jonathan kept on scoring on Rosie it was funny to watch. Soon later we made glass pendants After that we went to Tokyo diner at a hibachi diner. That was delicious. Then we pet Stan the Guinea pig. 

In the morning we took our glass from the kiln but it dropped and broke then we said goodbye and left York was very fun

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