(8 and 5) And a HALF!

They say the years go fast. These half-years sneak up at the blink of an eye! And so, to try my darnedest to remember them exactly as they are today, I decided to have them give it to me in their own words:

Clementine, 5 and a half:

Is it me or have we lost her chubby round little face for good at this point?

Her best skill is reading, her favorite thing on earth is the dog (“EDeeeeee”), she loves learning about nature (she gave a more detailed description to me – animals and plants), and her favorite animal is a platypus (she told me snake and wolf and “all the animals” was too much to write). Her best friend is her big sis, her favorite books are the ones she makes herself, she loves pizza and hates meat. People being mean make her sad. She’s excited about going to Hawaii (over Christmas) and wants a passport (so she can go to Australia to meet real platypus) before she turns 6.

Clem 5.5

Annabelle, 8 and a half:

So much going on behind those pretty blue eyes:P1440070

Hers is a little easier to read.

She is best at reading and math and loves Pokemon and her stuffed animals (though as of this week after one tough teary night I’ve FINALLY gotten her to put the majority of her 100+ stuffies in a drawer by her bed instead of smothering her IN bed). She loves all animals including chinchillas and “everything else.” I think she added Clem as a BFF along with Charlotte, Roisin and Mina once she saw her sister’s sheet (incidentally all three of these girls are her NEW besties since she moved up to 3rd grade this spring). Her favorite books are from the Erin Hunter animal fantasy series (Warriers, Seekers, etc.). Her favorite foods are pizza, cheeseburgers and the vietnamese-ish chicken & rice soup from Elizabeth Street Cafe. She does NOT like zombies or vampires. Lagging computers and occasionally her online math game (Dreambox) make her sad. She is excited about turning 9, but before then plans on redoing her room, writing a book, practicing drawings and finishing illustrating wings (no idea what that is but I think Colleen is her new camp friend).

AbCD 8.5

While I’m sure 6 and 9 will be here before we know it, I’m pretty excited about all that will happen before then. We’ll be visiting about 10 different states, we’ll finally have BOTH kids at the same wonderful school, and YES, we’ll even spend Christmas in Hawaii to celebrate my 40th birthday. Unfortunately we will not be going to Australia like Clem would like, but I still think we’ll get passports before then, just in case the election doesn’t pan out like we hope it will. Not to mention, once they are BOTH in Spanish Immersion school, we expect them to lead us through Mexico! Let the adventures continue….

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