Five.5 and Eight.5

Look at these fierce, beautiful forces of nature we get to raise:


In fact, they are fierce and beautiful with only raspberries as weapons:


Without further ado, and as we finish up our LAST WEEK of 3rd and Pre=K, a little detail on each of them:

IMG_0173Could you just eat her up? Of course, her sass balances out the sweetness – this photo was taken in the first 10 minutes of Field Day at school, after which she became a conscientious objector of field day, annoyed that they couldn’t just have regular playground time. This is only one of many examples that show us there is nobody more magnetic and charming and fun and loving than Clementine… as long as the world does what Clementine wants. In good news, she’s pretty good at convincing us all!


And she’s got a long list of fans whose favorite place on earth is… anywhere Clem is:




(photo montage courtesy of our friend Francois at yesterday’s Memorial Day cookout). Who would have suspected our serious little girl would be such a sparkly personality in her own right? These days, she spends every waking minute with her new third grade (soon-to-be-4th-grade) besties, who act like she’s been in their posse since they became a posse in kindergarten. She has added an air of magic to the group, teaching them to communicate with fairies, among other things. One of my favorite parts of this is that they all live within a few blocks, and the parents have collectively decided that when together, they can roam from house to house, investigate the neighborhood creek for magical happenings, etc. It’s a lifestyle that we all enjoyed as kids but have been told isn’t really an option in this age of heightened caution and helicopter parenting!


Annabelle is also finishing out her 3 month 3rd grade stint with flying colors academically. At the award ceremony, she took home a math award, writing award, “star student” and the “A Honor Roll” – not too shabby, huh? But no – it doesn’t warrant a kitten no matter how much she asks (this was from a day the girls and I volunteered at the shelter – trying to make volunteering more of a regular thing this year thanks to an awesome org called Little Helping Hands).


What an awesome school year for both these girls. It all flew by so fast, but summer is now officially around the corner, and have we got an AWESOME summer planned for this crew! Let the lazy days begin…



I sound like a broken record, but it was another phenomenal month for Annabelle. It’s as if she has been in third grade all along – Friday she had two 3rd grade friends over after school (for the second week in a row) and they were both “fighting” about who was her best friend. She takes it all in stride, loving the attention but not needing to be the center of it. The teachers are also big fans, and have told me she is more mature than most of the kids in their class (and doing great academically too). I mean, doesn’t she just LOOK like a 3rd grader?


Personally, I love that her behavior is mature, but her interests are not. She isn’t into boys or clothes or what’s “cool” or drama. She’d rather focus on mythology and fairies and make believe and magic and unicorns. She and her girl friends were actually doing math for fun at their last playdate! Can we stay in this phase for the next 10 years please??


Annabelle has also been pretty sweet with Clem lately too, which is nice because Clementine absolutely worships her. A lot of Annabelle’s new besties are super-tight with their own little sisters, which is setting a great example – there’s a lot more sharing and helping and allowing Clem to join in. Perfect timing for them to be in school together next year.


It’s hard to believe that by our next monthly update, Annabelle will officially be done with school and considered a FOURTH grader. Time flies at an alarming rate when you don’t skip a year, so this is downright scary. How is it possible that there are only 2 more years before middle school? On the one hand I’m already freaking out that she’s growing up too fast, but on the other hand I can’t wait to see how this beautiful person continues to bloom as she grows up. All I can wish for is that we continue to be the center of her incredible little world for as long as possible, and that she brings us along for the ride.