Want to see the face of a perfectly self-assured, intelligent and darn-right attractive little person? Presenting the one and only (taken by her buddy Marco when he presented her with that cute little dress in the photo):


This kid. This week, she wrote another (her second) play to be performed by her preschool class. All of her classmates and the teachers are all very excited about it, and plan to perform it for the parents at an end-of-year celebration. It is called “A Worry in the Woodland.” She wanted no assistance writing it but allowed me to be her typist and also ask her questions to fill out the story. She will also be acting, in the part of “Wolf Cub.” (She likes being fierce):


I believe she has hired Marco to be the narrator of the story, but she could do it herself if she wanted. These days, she alternates between wanting us to read her a nighttime book and her reading it herself (or sometimes to us). She’s also been doing great with math – she loves doing Dreambox online and has completed the kindergarten and 1st grade levels.


Oh and I can’t forget her art! It is pretty much the cutest ever:


Clearly, this kid is ready for kindergarten – both academically and emotionally. She already thinks she belongs there when we drop her sister off. Although starting an hour earlier than preschool won’t be super – I’ve had to get her up to get Annabelle to school this week with Marc in New Orleans and each day has started off progressively crabbier. Nothing likeĀ getting evil stares and teenage tones from a 5 year old at 6:30AM. It will be interesting to see how the attitude takes hold when she becomes… an age where having an attitude is an actual thing. Luckily it’s still interspersed with plenty of sweet preschooler snuggles and love – as long as that ratio stands for a while, we’ll take it (yes, Eddie is still her favorite but we’re a close second)!