Another Double: Four.11 & Seven.11

Another crazy month without updates, and here we are rounding the corner on 5 and 8. How did that even happen?!  But there’s too much excitement NOT to do an update this month – it was a BIGGIE:

Clementine – 4.11
She now reads. Like, one day she looked up and could just… do it. She’d been slowly sounding words out for a while, but then a lightbulb went off, 2 Sundays ago. Suddenly she’s reading signs, menus, packages, and of course, BOOKS! It’s the best. Well it’s almost the best. The best is that in the very same week, she learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. How’s THAT for a banner month? Also, the face:


Annabelle 7.11
You should here this girl play the chords to Puff the Magic Dragon, while singing all 153 verses. And then watch her on Dreambox, where she now not only does algebra but also, exponents! Then see her actually PLAYING soccer, not just standing on the field thinking about unicorns – really helping out her team! Most importantly, though, watch her with her sister, teaching and encouraging Clementine as she grows in her reading, piano playing, bike riding, iPad game playing, etc. We always knew she was a good boss, but it turns out she’s a pretty great mentor too. And also… this face: