Monthly Blog Post FAIL!

Well you can tell we are officially in our Davis Family Busy Season. Somehow between a (fabulous) weekend in Chicago for Jeff & Mikey’s wedding, the Children’s Business Fair, Halloween, the Fall Carnival at school, and an actual TORNADO, I missed getting our monthly blogs out.

Since we’re already practically halfway to the next month, I’m going to make this one a two-fer:
Clementine – Four.10
I’ll cheat and pull most of this from her Oct 22 parent-teacher meeting – “Clem has come back this year as a strong leader for our class, modeling guidelines well for the new children. Clem is gravitating towards new and challenging works, and is enjoying the next level of math and language. Clem loves “her Charlie” and enjoys having him in class. We want to encourage Clem to find a healthy balance between work and play”
They also noted her “high level of emotional intelligence and ability to solve conflicts independently”  her “awareness of others and kindness to friends” and the enjoyment she gets from “challenging herself with new works.”
Off the paper, they basically agreed with us – she is as sharp as they get on the EQ scale – sweet and thoughtful and aware of others. But they also made sure we knew she (along with one other child) is absolutely leading the pack when it comes to both reading and math! Looks like we’ve got a little renaissance girl on our hands. And combine that with this face? Oh MAN there’s a reason we’ve got no power over this little person:
Clearly the world is her oyster!
Annabelle – Seven.10
I’ll cheat on this one too – the notes from her first reporting period of 2nd grade: “Annabelle is self assured and capable. She is purposeful, self-directed, mature and focused. Her early assessments show many strengths. Please discuss them and help her set weekly academic goals.”
We were also handed her math and reading assessments, which describe her as what they call “out of bounds” in both subjects. In math, she got 100% on every assessment, culminating in the phrase, “Annabelle is an outlier performing beyond the 100th percentile.” She also got 100% on all reading, spelling, recall, inferred meaning and other tests (which test up to the 5th grade level). They tracked her reading at 179 words per minute. Goal for END of second grade is 90 words per minute.
We’re a little bit proud. She also did great at this year’s business fair, making >$100 in revenue on her “Band Together” bracelets, and is getting big compliments playing defense on the Huskies, her soccer team. And also – look at THIS face! One of intelligence and confidence… but also one of someone who’d rather snuggle up with her parents and tell them all of her ideas than do just about anything else.
Be still my heart.
In other words – we continue to feel like the luckiest parents alive, only hoping we can do right by these amazing little people we’ve been handed. Life is crazy and busy and full of “roses” and “thorns” (as we call them in our house) and these two couldn’t clean their rooms or find their shoes or hurry out the door if their lives depended on it, but man do we enjoy these girls.