It’s starting to sink in that we are rounding the corner to having an eight year old. Is it me, or does 8 sound way older than 7? Like – do 8-year-olds bathe/shower themselves? Do they choose their friends’ ideas over their parents? Are they starting to grow out of the “cute” stage as their faces and bodies start growing and changing into tiny young adult bodies and faces? For now, maybe I should just focus on our 3 more months of sevenhood:


Annabelle has really been great lately. Well behaved and especially sweet to her sister (well, 90% of the time), playing all of the pretend games Clementine could want – from gymnastics class (Annabelle as teacher – which works well with her desire to be UPSIDE DOWN AT ALL TIMES) to wild animals:


When she is not playing with Clem or doing her homework, practicing piano and other “requirements” she can be found reading… anywhere, anytime. She recently got the same book out of the library that I had bought for her (Rick Riordan’s “Son of Neptune”) so that I could join her “Book Club” and read along with her – which has been so much fun, even if pre-teen fantasy novels aren’t usually my thing!


I love that most of the time, she still wants her mom to do things with her more than anyone else… no matter how incredibly loyal she is to her friends. But her friends are definitely a huge part of her life. In fact, I think her friends regularly keep her in touch with how kids her age are supposed to act – the same girls (and a few boys) have played that role since she started kindergarten, and she’s become such a social, popular kid because of it (despite her beautiful, unusual mind).


But it’s that mind that gets us every time. Her thoughtful, logical brain that sometimes has her giving us quotes that sound straight out of “Napoleon Dynamite.”  Like, “What’s your third favorite type of bird” or “Artemis is pretty much my favorite Greek goddess.” Or “Clementine, I’ve determined that your aura color is red and your spirit animal is the cheetah.”


Could she be any more awesome? Happy 7.75 to our not-so-little 2nd grade Greek goddess of reading, logic, and handstands!