Weekend of Pride

What a weekend! It was so much fun to tell the girls about how history was made on Friday. I don’t think we’ll soon forget the response of the nation – and the rainbow Facebook feed that followed!

11052013_10153365558885605_4742810477204628418_nThe girls liked the idea of marriage equality, although we had to clarify that you can marry anyone you love… unless they are already related to you (I think Clem was about to propose to Annabelle). We celebrated by walking down to South Congress for tex-mex, ice cream, and an evening of laying on the Statesman lawn waiting for the bats to come out:


Unfortunately it was not the best bat show, so after watching the sun go down and the stars (and planets!) come up, we ditched the masses, gave up on the whole thing and headed home on the trail:

P1360402The rest of the weekend was low key but nice – the usual birthday party (with incredible face paint):


Swim lessons, dog walking, groceries, a lovely date night, and lots of house cleaning (3 giant trash bags of donations, plus a couple full of trash as we finally went through all of the girls’ closets, artwork and junk drawers). Plus, on Friday the girls finished up their two week “Summer Wonders” camp session. Starting tomorrow, they head back to gymnastics camp for a week of “Superhero training.” Judging by the half dozen capes I donated and the dozen more still in the dress-up bin, I think they’re going to like this particular session!

Happy Father’s Day!

Could these girls be any luckier?

P1360178 (1)

Then again, you could argue that their dad couldn’t be any luckier, too!

We had a great Father’s Day. Marc got a big workout in while the girls and I wrapped his presents and got “fancy” for our Father’s Day brunch at our new favorite restaurant, Launderette. Then he and Annabelle shopped for a brand new grill (ours was falling apart after 8 years of 5X/week use!) while Clem and I exercised Eddie, and we all met up at the neighbors’ house for a delicious dinner and dessert. Low key weekend perfection in honor of our favorite guy.

Getting into the Summer Spirit

It felt like the first real week of summer here, with the girls in their first week of camp – gymnastics camp, which involved lots of jumping and dancing and cheers! They loved it, which is a good thing because we’ve signed up for a few additional weeks later on this summer. But there were plenty of other ways we got into the summer spirit this week/weekend – like planting our very first veggie/herb garden!

11402348_10153334251145605_8929785213800205071_oWe also took some nice walks with our (not all that) good (yet) and sweet (definitively) boy, Eddie!



When the rain came, we figured it was good for our new garden, so we didn’t mind cozying up with the neighbors, eating a Flag Day Feast (Annabelle chose the berry/marshmallow patriotic skewers, which Travis wholeheartedly approved of), and…

IMG_7157introducing the kids to a quintessential rainy day movie – Star Wars! They didn’t last long before giving up on the movie and having their own lightsaber fights, but still, not a bad way to spend a Sunday:


All in all, it was a great week and weekend (special thanks to Marc for holding down the fort while I was at Kinsa much of the week) and these girls are feeling pretty good about how their summer is shaping up!




School’s Out For Summer!


What a week! Upon arriving home from my always-fabulous annual-ish trip with my old junior high school besties (Portland in late May = unbelievably great!):
11270265_10153306906720605_6705414531295046608_oI got to dive right into the final week of school for both girls – full of picnics and pajama day and board game day and teacher gifts and end of year parties and award ceremonies and that’s maybe about half of it. But it was all wonderful! Here’s our little rising pre-K-er on her last day:


And check out this about-to-be 2nd grader on her last 1st grade day! Something tells me she’ll be halfway up that plaque by this time next year.



We ended the week with a mean game of Illiarca (created by Marco’s father):

P1360032And then the fun task of tiring out Eddie (he now swims! And sometimes comes when called!):


…before we embarked on a weekend full of sleepovers, parties, and other fun celebrations:


And tomorrow, the first of 8 camp weeks – and the girls can’t wait! First up, gymnastics camp (which they practiced at a birthday party today).

FullSizeRender-2I head to NYC on business in the morning, so Marc will be holding down the fort for 4 days. Of course, it’s not the girls I’m worried about him handling. Hopefully a certain young boy will also behave himself for a change and not chew anything up in my absence?






This morning she gave me a 97 on crunch and a 98 on taste… for my performance in making her breakfast toast. Her own report cards from school this year (we’re in the last week) were pretty similar – as Mary Poppins would say, “Practically Perfect in Every Way.” Today when she told me she really doesn’t have any bad habit (but not in a stuck-up way, more introspectively), I reminded her what a terrible cleaner upper she is and she agreed… but for the most part, this kid doesn’t leave me much to complain about.


This month, Annabelle’s story telling abilities have improved to the point that she actually entertains us during dinner. Last night, she started her daily report with, “It was all seeming like a perfectly normal day… until right after language arts. You’ll NEVER guess what happened. We were told to go down to the library – EVEN THOUGH it wasn’t library day, and are you ready for what was in the library? Someone from the TWIN OAKS library, explaining an AWESOME reading program for the WHOLE summer! And do you want to hear about the reading program??” It’s no wonder that our formerly quiet little nerd has become Miss Popular at school (this is something that still surprises me when I walk her in and everyone wants to tell her something).


One thing that has surprised me about the past month is Annabelle’s boy relationships. A day doesn’t go by without her telling me something HILARIOUS that Peter did (Peter seems to be her male counterpart when it comes to being pretty far advanced academically). But recently Harrison’s mom has told me that Harrison has a major crush – but “it’s obvious that Annabelle will always like Peter the best because he’s so smart.” In 1st grade!! And then there is Wilder, who might even be my favorite. Of course, none of them hold a candle to Jade, Niamh and Evey.


In a few days, school will be out for summer and life will be about gymnastics camp, gifted kids camp, and horse back riding camp for a few months. We’ll still keep up the Dreambox (math) and piano (she has finally mastered Fur Elise – a rite of passage!), and no doubt she’ll continue to read about 150 pages/day like she’s been doing (her favorite series right now is about Pegasus and the New Olympians), but she’s excited for the freedom of the summer and all of its possibilities – and I don’t blame her!



Oh this girl. I truly can’t get enough of her. Unless she’s being blamey or stubborn or purposely pushing ALL of my buttons, just for fun (and/or to delay bedtime and/or to delay getting up for school). But still – delicious!


Clementine may have a sassy streak, but her heart is so big. I love watching how sweet she is to Eddie, while for some reason taking it upon herself to make sure she isn’t offending Ella’s legacy. Ella, who died when she was 2!  She leans in close to Eddie and says, “You are the best boy dog in the whole entire world,” or “You’re the cutest, most wonderful dog that’s alive” and then looks at me to make sure I heard her. Where did she even come up with that careful treading?


Clementine is just as in love with her sister as ever, but is nearly as focused on Charlie, who has become such a brother to her. Clem and Charlie sleep over each others’ houses almost every weekend (and are surprisingly good at going to bed/sleeping in because they do it so often), and check in on each other almost daily. Clem cannot WAIT to have Charlie in her class at the fall, and has explained to both him and her teachers that he won’t need a tour – she’ll take him around and show him everything so the teachers can focus on the other new kids.


But there may be some Annabelle in Clem yet – she decided to give a report to her preschool class today about platypuses. The teacher gathered everyone after lunch and she showed them her stuffed Platty, and tried to tell them all of the interesting things. She was very disappointed when, instead of focusing on the fact that the boys have poison claws and the eat crayfish and are mammals who lay eggs, they all just wanted to hold the stuffed animal and talk about what THEY had gotten for Christmas (Platty was from Santa).


Animals and art (all arts – including singing and dancing) are definitely Clementine’s favorite things. When not pretending to be a pet platypus, she loves making cards for people now, and has learned many cool things (like the days of the week in Spanish) by singing songs about them (unfortunately she doesn’t have a song for them in English, and therefore has no idea what they are). She is so sharp but such a different learner from her sister that Marc and I are very curious how it’ll all play out in school. Luckily she has one more year in the Khabele Sage Sparrow classroom before going into the Kindergarten big leagues – another year to sing and talk platypuses and do interpretive art every day (this week: rose stamps from cut celery ends) and nurture all of the awesomeness that makes her the one and only Clementine Jane!