Marc’s first Tri

It was a very uneventful week and weekend for us here at Casa Davis, which was a nice change! We ate dinner at home, didn’t travel anywhere, and had no guests. We attended multiple birthday parties, went to swim lessons, ran errands, and curled up on the couch for some new (to us) movies. The only NONtypical part of the weekend was this morning, when Marc competed in his first ever triathlon! And for his first time, he did awesome!


The race was in Marble Falls so we cheered him on from afar, over breakfast:



I guess we should also mention we celebrated National Penguin Day, which Annabelle saw on my calendar and took it upon herself to plan/bake for:


With this week about to get crazy (Marc and I BOTH have separate trips – thankfully Diane and Marco are going to help out!), I’d say that the past 7 days have been EXACTLY what we needed. Now stay tuned for some excitement 😉

REALLY Old Fashioned Week

So last week we dressed like the ’20’s and that felt old fashioned. This week, a bunch of hot rodders rolled into town to stay with us and Marc got his 1930 Model A Tudor ready to show (and hopefully sell).


And if that wasn’t old fashioned enough, the girls and I headed to Pioneer Farms with Annabelle’s girl scout troop, where we churned butter, watched a blacksmith forge knives, examined how pioneer people in the 1800’s lived, pet horses and donkeys and a giant old pig, and camped out under the stars….


Until a giant lightning & HAIL storm with 60 mph winds had us running through the “wilderness” and back into the Audi, where I drove 10 mph white-knuckled to get us back into our very modern, comfy beds!


Other old fashioned activities included putting pennies on the railroad tracks (just like Pop Pop and Grampa Skip used to do) and bringing them home, flattened with only a trace of a “once cent” mark on them.


And biking to lunch, hanging by the neighborhood pool (first dip of the season, though the girls decided they need it to warm up a little more first), and making old-fashioned popcorn on the stovetop for a movie night with the neighbor kids.

All in all, it was a great weekend spent in the fabulous spring weather – the first weekend where we all required sunscreen (and still look a little darker than we did last week), and the first of many that we’ll spend most of our time outdoors!


Old Fashioned Week

The definition of old-fashioned varies – you could call it this:



(our look at an awesome 1920’s themed housewarming party we went to on Saturday night). Or you could call it a week without any drama, without any trips, without any guests staying with us… a week where Annabelle gets her homework and piano practicing done, Marc spends late nights working in the garage, I catch up on a few favorite TV shows, Marc and I both sneak in workouts most mornings…. and Clementine draws and cuts out several drawings of platypuses to share with her family. It was awesome.

While I’m having trouble getting photos off my phone, we also managed to have plenty of fun going to both Travis Heights AND Khabele’s big annual parties, visiting adoptable animals at the Humane Society (we are getting closer to taking one home – I am guessing we’ll have a new family member in the fall), having a kid-sleepover at the Thornburghs while we ate a delicious birthday meal with Charles, and for Marc, spending lots of time out at the F1 track for the big MotoGP race. All in all, it was regular-old Austin living at its best, and I won’t deny it – while I’m almost always up for adventure, it felt pretty great in it’s extreme normal-ness.

That said, our next set of guests arrives on Thursday…



Is there anything not to love about this kid? She has been such a joy to be around lately. Between her sweetness to her sister (they really have been getting along great, even if her comments do tend to be on the condescending side), her affection for us (I think with all of the travel she’s been especially loving – even opted not to do a girl scouts sleepover so she could stay with us the other night), her earnestness with her work (now a master of multiplication), and her interest in everyone else (sometimes to the point of nosiness – we’ve had to tell her she can’t ALWAYS be in every conversation), she is just heart-burstingly GOOD.

IMG_5873But she’s still a regular first grader as the regular world sees her – obsessed with her best friends, obsessed with playing (National Geographic’s) “Animal Jam” with them on the computer, obsessed with singing the Lion King with feeling, and obsessed with what only could be described as 7-year-old “thought questions” –

  • If you could be any character from the Lion King, who would you be?
  • If you could only eat one food your entire life, what would it be?
  • If you could only have one wish, what would it be?
  • If you could live anywhere in the United States, where would it be?


She also always has a project in mind. Building her own website. Creating a “bed structure” out of umbrellas and stuffed animals. Making Easter gifts for house guests and planning “Easter events.” Writing a newsletter for the neighborhood. She can’t STAND when she’s forced to do things (like homework, piano, eat meals, clean up, take a bath) because she has a running list of a dozen things she would REALLY rather be doing at any time.


But, being Annabelle, all we ever get is maybe one “awwwwww” and an occasional “do I have to” followed by an “in a minute” and miraculously, she does tend to do what she’s asked – even making reasonable deals to ensure that both she and we are happy with how things are going to shake out.

P1340506I don’t know where she came from or how we got so lucky. All I know is that every night when we tuck her in (with her headphones to block out the noise for a good night’s sleep), we thank our lucky stars for this kid.




Dayenu! (It would’ve been enough)

Friday marked the beginning of Passover, which is a time to reflect back through history – and that is definitely what I did this week! I flew up to Philly on Wednesday to go through everything still in Mom & Dad’s house and make sure I took what I wanted. I was up practically all night, every night, digging through everything, but I managed to accomplish what I’d set out to do. Time will tell, but I think (9 giant shipped boxes later) that I’m at peace with not going through their things (at least not in their house) again. I’ve collected such gems as my baby shoes, my bat mitzvah dress (and the dress my mom wore to my bat mitzvah, which fits me now), my old college essays, my grandparents’ wedding invitations, and even love notes from when my newly engaged dad was traveling through Europe!


I also managed to have a great family meeting & dinner one night, and attend our family’s 100th anniversary Passover seder while I was up there (made extra special by the telling of some old family stories I hadn’t heard)! Then, Saturday morning, Rob, Doug and I flew back to Austin because Stevie was playing in concert – his Songs in the Key of Life tour, which we’d heard was his best tour ever.  It was an incredible show – best I’ve seen, made even more incredible by Stevie’s opening remarks. He talked about our family and how challenging the past few months have been for us. It was a moment I’ll never forget – helped by this cute pic we got after the show!

11143599_10153159240685605_7765596490632055397_oAfter a week of sleepless nights, we rolled home from the show at about 2AM – at which point it was time to make sure the Easter Bunny didn’t skip over our house. Luckily he came through, and the girls had a great morning opening up little gifts and cracking each other on the head with cascarones. Then we had a handful of Stevie’s band members over for Easter brunch, which was a blast! They are some of the most talented musicians in the world, and such sweet guys too! They especially loved that Marc picked them up in his 1960 caddy:


As soon as we dropped the guys back off (and Doug headed to the airport – a 24 hour trip to Austin!), it was time to head to the Hyde Park seder! It was fabulous as usual – the girls found several afikomen and it was made extra special by the fact that Rob got to attend with us this year!

And now as I type this, I’m feeling the effects of a week without sleep, so I’ll end there. But wow! What a week. And I promise I’ll catch up on Annabelle’s monthly blog tomorrow!