And then it was November

It’s hard to believe how fast this year is flying – and how fast the weeks and weekends fly by too! Between swim lessons, soccer games, birthday parties, neighborhood gatherings and school stuff, it feels like it has been weeks since we just sat together as a family and said, “What should we do?” Which is not to say that we haven’t been having plenty of fun!

IMG_4489Probably the biggest news this week (at least in Annabelle’s world) is that a 5.5 year old boy named Oliver moved in, two doors away. With SO many kids Clem’s age on the block, Annabelle was BESIDE herself that there’s someone even close to 6. Seemingly, Oliver was too. Within 3 minutes of meeting, they were holding hands and exclaiming to each other that they were going to play together EVERY DAY. They are looking into purchasing walkie talkies. I know this because somebody posted a crowdsourced Amazon question on my account on how many houses particular brands of walkie talkies reach. What’s next with that kid? Oh, I’ll tell you what’s next – a neighborhood newsletter:

Nov Newsletter

Other than that, there is really not much news this Sunday night! Marc spent the afternoons/evenings this weekend going to FunFunFunFest, which is a music festival too far from the mainstream to make me all that jealous, and the girls and I had fun bowling (Clem’s first time I think?) for a school friend’s birthday:



I also hired THREE sitters Saturday night to attend a school fundraiser. THREE sitters at a total age of 33. They were the cutest, smartest, sweetest little 6th grade girls you’ve ever seen (all Travis Heights Elementary alum who are now at magnet middle schools), and since I was staying in the neighborhood (as were their moms – at the same dinner party) we decided to give it a go. Of course my girls were in HEAVEN, and have requested the trio of Julia, Emma and Tess as often as possible. So YAY! We’ve expended our sitter bench – and with girls who won’t graduate till Annabelle herself is of babysitting age… just in time for all of the holiday craziness to start! Two more weeks till we head east…


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