Varsity Davises

This weekend we rode our bikes to two dinners, experienced Annabelle’s first soccer game (she joined the team on Thursday):


had some great swim lessons as usual:

P1290366and played outside in this glorious autumn weather. ¬†We also had multiple playdates, from another “work date” with Phoebe to get ready for the business fair (which meant Hazel and Clem got to play too) to a post-soccer dinner date with Annabelle’s friend Niamh, to a fairly continuous Clem-Charlie playdate all week while Charlie’s parents were out of town:


Friday was particularly fabulous, as we had a celebratory dinner with Jason and Kate to mark the success of our giant “#ImEnough” campaign for the Mrs. band (for anyone not on social media, the video is up to nearly 3 million views now and is going to be featured on Good Morning America!). Our kids didn’t really care about that, but were up for any excuse for a dinner date where the parents were so thrilled that they let everyone stay up till 10PM:

IMG_3867All in all, between fun extra-curricular experiences, possibly the biggest success of my marketing career (after said success was called an utter failure by the client), and a Rosh Hashanah celebration to top it all off, we’ve had a pretty awesome stretch here at Chez Davis. I certainly don’t want to jinx anything, but 5775 is starting off pretty well so far ūüôā

Productive Weekend

You know it’s been a productive weekend when there’s actual… PRODUCTION:


This week’s business fair lessons centered around general entrepreneurship (we went to the Thinkery to hear Amy from Amy’s Ice Creams talk about starting a business), sponsorships (we asked Topo Chico if they were willing to sponsor), QA (several of our items weren’t up to snuff once I discussed “business reputations”) and more. I swear, if I didn’t have a “day job” I’d love to be a kids’ entrepreneurship teacher! We also made a ton of product, and it’s looking great!


But that wasn’t the only reason our weekend was productive. Check out how Clem’s costume is coming along!


And to round out our weekend with some activity, we biked to two different meals AND mini golf. It was a blast – both the biking:


And the reward (we really had no idea how big this would be when we ordered it):


There was also a trip to the “tractor museum” (Caterpillar Dealership), first haircuts in a year, some amazing car racing (LaMans – Marc) and a fundraiser (Thinkery – Me), not to mention the usual groceries, swim lessons, etc.¬†Busy as usual, but loads of fun, too. Perfect way to ring in the official end to summer!

Seasonal Work

This weekend we experienced the first REAL cold front of the season – weather down in the 60’s in the morning, not to mention some decent downpours! To us, that meant AUTUMN and AUTUMN means HALLOWEEN. So of course we had to get working on Clementine’s robot costume:


Of course, the only season I know for sure it is, is birthday season. We went to two parties today alone, the HUGE favorite being the one with a friend who visited all the way from WINTER in Arondale:


Elsa came to sing, dance, do magic, make balloon animals, and paint faces for all of the little kids at Maya’s¬†party and the whole time I was thinking, “well, I guess I know what Clementine is going to make me do for her party now”… until afterward, when she said to me, “I wonder how Maya knows Queen Elsa!”

Amazingly, Annabelle wasn’t jealous at missing Queen E, mainly because she got to bike around town with Marc all afternoon while we were out. She is absolutely LOVING biking – and it’s especially fun as a family now that Marc has rigged up a new set of wheels:


The rest of the weekend was pretty standard – a bunch of neighbors over for an impromptu potluck Friday, movie night Saturday (Annabelle LOVED the Parent Trap), and the regular swim lessons, grocery store trip, laundry and the like. Considering we’ve had (and continue to have) commitments almost every weeknight (neighborhood, school, colleagues, etc.), it was a great, low key way to cap off another Davis week.


This weekend, the girls got a little more cultured than they usually do in our world – well, at least “Austin cultured.” We went to an art gallery show at the very cool design studio of Annabelle’s BFF Evey’s dad, we went for some OLD SCHOOL hot rods, hamburgers and rockabilly music at the Top Notch:

IMG_3794Annabelle produced a show starring Clementine, that involved singing, cartwheels and some avant grade dancing:


Annabelle experienced Dim Sum for the first time (and actually loved the pork ribs, pork buns, pork wontons, egg custard, and more), and the girls even ate their first frittata made entirely of the eggs of these little ladies:


As usual, there was also swimming, ice cream, multiple playdates, a birthday party, and plenty of dress-up (wishful thinking – it was in the high 90’s all weekend):

P1290145In other words, we are definitely back into the swing of things here at Casa Davis – and looking forward to plenty more regular-old weekends just like it throughout September, before the craziness starts (October = ACL Music Festival, Day of the Drags, Lobsterfest, Children’s Business Fair, Formula 1, Halloween, … exhausted just thinking about it!).



While it’s hard to believe how fast time is flying, sometimes I look at Annabelle and see a 12 year old.


She is so mature and composed and beyond her years that it’s actually refreshing when she reminds me that she is six – by writing two-line letters to pen pals (“Dear Max, How are you? Did you start school? Love, Annabelle”) or making cardboard dragons:

We’ve been having so much fun together lately, working on business fair projects, dreaming up science fair experiments, and strategizing on Halloween costumes (btw she’ll be Hermione Granger this year, but a pirate next year). She has also been doing great on her own activities, like piano (she’s 2/3 of the way through “Let it Go!”) and Dreambox (halfway through 3rd grade math), with very little grumbling when I ask her to do her daily dose of each.
First grade has been a slight adjustment for Annabelle, mainly because her teacher is much more serious and speaks almost entirely in Spanish. But she has been handling it beautifully, and we are excited that her teacher is also the new gifted/talented teacher for the school because it means she’ll hopefully discover/employ Annabelle’s superbrain very soon (we’ve already sent notes back requesting harder homework). Best of all, a whole bunch of really sweet kids from last year are in this year’s class – which means that every single morning she has a different friend she is dressing like (yesterday – Evey and Annabelle wore unicorn shirts, skirts and boots. Today – Niamh and Annabelle are in owl shirts, jeans and Toms. Tomorrow – all FIVE besties will be wearing their school shirts and black leggings).
I could gush for a few more pages about this amazing 6 year old we have, but I’m starting to sound like a broken record. Instead, a few specific updates: Her backstroke is better than mine and Marc’s. She has agreed to try 9 new foods at Dim Sum on Sunday. When she sold a $3 magnet she made yesterday, she reminded me that $1 went to charity, $1 went to college, and $1 was her fun money. She remembers things that happened to her when she was 2. She loves makeup and desperately wants her ears pierced. She is STILL terrible about putting her things away and using her utensils properly. She loves being the older sister. She sees no problem with wearing long sleeves and long pants in 100 degree weather. She made a shrinkydink dog tag for the new puppy across the street and CROSSED THE STREET by herself to give it to him (we watched to confirm – she looked both ways 7 times). Her BFFs are Niamh, Jade, Sybilla, and Evey. She still believes in fairies.

Back in the Swing

School is back in session and we Davises are getting back into the swing of a nice weekly routine. Marc and I are trading off kid drop-offs and pickups, and new school/teachers seem to be going as smoothly as we could hope. And we girls enjoyed our first try at a new tradition – ending our week by coming to Marc’s office downtown on Friday afternoon,¬†then heading somewhere cool (this week: Toy Joy) and out to one of the many great restaurants in walking distance. The whole experience was a huge hit!

IMG_3740Of course, it was pretty great capping off our first week back with a three day weekend. We used our time wisely – from knocking out a whole lot of production for Annabelle’s latest business (topo chico bottle cap jewelry):


to biking, kayaking, and swimming all over town Рwe actually rode our bikes TO the kayak rental place, paddled around the lake, dropped off the kayaks, rode to lunch, and then rode home before heading out to the swimming pool Рit was pretty great!


I know it won’t always be such smooth sailing (I assume Annabelle’s going to start getting homework… and those early mornings are going to start wearing on us… and my extreme back-to-school organization is DEFINITELY not going to stay this organized as time goes on)… but for now, no complaints about getting back into the swing of the school year in Austin!