Memorial Day Weekend

Well, it won’t go down as our best holiday weekend, mainly because of poor Clem. On Friday, she was pushed on the playground at school – total face plant. But by Friday evening, her grumpiness went beyond a scraped up face – she was sporting a 102 degree fever! Saturday we took it easy all day but she was super grouchy, tired and just sad, so after a rough night, we took her straight to the doctor. By Sunday morning we had our diagnosis (along with a 104 fever) – Strep. The poor kid was about as pathetic as she gets:


Thankfully, Marc and Annabelle were able to salvage some good times out of the weekend – swim lessons, a playdate with Phoebe at her new pool, and lots of Daddy-Daughter time:


But most importantly, Clementine woke up this morning, a full day of antibiotics in her, as good as new. No sore throat, no fever, an appetite, and back to her goofy self. And no longer contagious! Just in time for a visit to Ame & Paul’s country house out in Temple, Texas! The rain was coming down in buckets, but Paul, chef extraordinare of our new favorite restaurant Pleasant Storage Room roasted a pig and everyone brought delicious sides and desserts. It was really nice to get back out in public, and nice to be back together as a family again, especially because I head to Paris for work in a few days, and then the day I get back, Marc heads to Ithaca for his college reunion.  Seems like never a dull moment in the Davis house lately, not that we are complaining!


Girls’ Weekend

This weekend, Marc had his share of our girls while I got away to Nashville for a weekend with my old girls – Jenn, Bridget and Erin! There’s nothing quite like hanging out with people who know the deep down you that you’ve been since the age of 12, and for me, here they are:


We took Nashville by storm and had an absolute blast. We had the most amazing evening witnessing songwriting legends (our favorite: Richard Leigh, who wrote “Don’t it make my brown eyes blue”) at the Bluebird Cafe, saw 5 decades worth of country music legends at the Grand Ole Opry, ate some of the best food ever, spent a little time at a spa, shopped in adorable local stores, and generally got to know the fabulousness that is Music City:


While we were seeing the insides of seedy bars and piling our plates with catfish and turnip greens at places like Arnold’s Meat-and-3:


My girls at home were having a much healthier weekend, playing at parks, flying kites, watching plays and running through sprinklers with their awesome dad:

IMG_0415Of course, they did plenty of that with some of their own girlfriends – because clearly what Marc needed this weekend was MORE females 😉



When I look at that picture, I feel so blessed to have such an awesome partner in crime who can take on the girls so their mama can get away every once in a while. Work has been incredibly busy and pretty stressful lately, so them giving me this completely carefree, guilt-free, responsibility-free weekend was such a gift. But coming home to their smiling faces, all excited to tell me the million awesome things they did with their dad while I was away – that was priceless!



Mother’s Day Weekend

It was one of those simple weekends that make me realize just how lucky we are. It all started with “The best day of school ever” for Annabelle: Family fun and fitness day, a movie in class, and then her friend Niamh’s birthday party (this is a pic from FFF Day, but Niamh happens to be the one in the teal blue tunic):

IMG_0256Saturday, we had swim lessons, which they LOVE:


Followed by haircuts (their first ones in a full year – they are going for Repunzel these days), and then preparation for a BIG CAMPOUT (in our backyard):


The campout involved burgers, s’mores, an awesome game of “Hit The Target” (invented by Annabelle, very similar to Archery but involving s’mores skewers, tape, leaves and a paper bullseye):

P1220902And of course, stories by headlamp:


Marc spent the night in the backyard with the girls while I watched a great movie and slept in a comfy bed, only to be awoken by some monkeys jumping on me and declaring (at 7AM) that they were making pancakes and bacon! I then received many handmade cards and drawings, a little spa time (thanks hub!!), a nice walk to the candy store, and plenty of other shenanigans until both girls passed out cold before 7:30PM! So I guess the #1 shoutout goes to this handsome man below who chose me to be the mother of his children AND had the idea for the backyard campout:


… my partner in crime and the only one who truly understands how awesome it is to have been blessed with such incredible humans to call me “Mama”:





This week, Annabelle had a very cute piano recital (played AND sang When the Saints Go Marching In), rode her bike to school, planned a sleepover, put on (terrible) make-up (see below), moved up a swim level (from super beginners to extreme beginners) bought a special wishing necklace for herself and one of her three best school friends on Amazon, and did countless other undeniably 6-year-old girlie things:IMG_2277


The number of kids (and parents) that call out for her as we arrive at and leave school (despite her very shy response) make me realize that Annabelle is very popular, which I love because she seems to be popular for all the right reasons – and for the most part, is staying true to herself. At a sleepover last night that was planned entirely by her and her friend Jade:


Jade’s mom had a friend over, so instead of reading to the girls, she had Annabelle read a chapter to Jade. When “Aunt Spike” asked the girls what kind of hat she should knit for them this year, Annabelle described a hat with a person on it who was wearing a hat with a person on it who was wearing a hat with a …. you get the point. Always thinking, this one!


Annabelle continues to thrive in school (current “independent study project” – comparing multiple Goldilocks books to see how they differ), and hasn’t lost her quirky curiosity (the other morning as I woke her up, she asked me, “Mama, you can take all day to answer this if you need to, but how many packages are delivered in the entire world every day?”). She loves to make lists, still loves to read books (latest fave – Pippi Longstocking), and seems to be starting to understand the ways of the world – or at least elementary school. The other morning she explained that some people lie and some don’t, and it doesn’t REALLY matter if they do or they don’t (though she knows she is not allowed to) – it’s just important to know for yourself which type of person you are dealing with.

P1220064All that thinking, wrapped into a girl who is most at home in multiple tutus, trying out new poses:


I mean, does it get any better than this kid?


We always have our moments with Clementine, but she’s been mostly awesome this month. And, hanging out with our friends at the beach and hearing about other three-year-olds in general, we’ve also realized that our version of “REALLY NAUGHTY” – which usually includes lying, whining, and a tantrum here or there, could be worse. Like, for several 3-year-old boys we know, “REALLY NAUGHTY” involves running into traffic or hitting another kid over the head with something heavy.

With Clementine, it’s more psychological warfare. Like this month, she has asked me not to pick her up from school because Diane dresses better and brushes her hair more. Of course, I realize that’s true, but being banned from preschool pickup “unless I wear a dress” is a little harsh! (note: I wore a dress. She said it wasn’t a REAL dress because it didn’t twirl). For as empathetic as Clementine can be, she regularly says things to hurt the feelings of those closest to here – obviously testing boundaries. Those moments, and her crabby moments where you can do no right (I didn’t want THAT dress/ bagel/ shoe/ hairstyle), drive us absolutely bonkers, but also remind us that she is as 3 as they come.
The good news is, whatever Clementine does wrong or when you point out that she really hurt your feelings, she apologizes for. She says “Sooooooorrrry” if you so much as look at her funny, which leads me to believe that she is doing more naughty things than we catch her for on a regular basis. She also, after maybe telling me that she’d prefer to have Diane pick her up, snuggles me tight and tells me that she’s going to give me the money in her bunny bank so I don’t have to have meetings and can stay curled up with her all day long. Possibly half-adorable, half-manipulative… but I eat it up all the same!
Clementine continues to love all books and recite Frozen from start to finish. She still insists she can’t count to 20, but is starting to be willing to sound out 3-letter-words with us. She has become shockingly good at folding her own fans, and gymnastics is her favorite after school activity. She also really loves swimming because her teacher is silly.
One thing Clementine does NOT like is bugs. She screams when she sees even tiny ones, and she has nightmares about ants, flies, bees, you name it. She woke up crying at 2AM the other night because she thought she saw a fly!
Strange phobias aside, The Clem is just as mighty as she always was, boldly telling it like it is to people she barely knows, directing activities to friends who want to play around, and charming all around her to find their position under her thumb.