Eastover Vacation

What a fun holiday week! We kicked it off with what is becoming an annual seder with the Sachs family (Phoebe and Hazel are kindred spirits to Ab&C):


and ended it with an egg hunt on the Texas Coast (Port Aransas to be specific):


For so many years, I’ve heard that real “shore people” are very disappointed by Texas beaches, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!


The seaweed was pretty nasty and I couldn’t get over the fact that people were allowed to DRIVE onto the beach, but the sand was just as fine and dribble-castle worthy as the Jersey sand:


And the place we stayed for the weekend cost about 1/3 of what it would cost to stay at a similar place at the Jersey Shore. AND was PERFECT for tri-family meals, dance parties, and performances:


Plus, there was a (frigid) community pool, which made for a great activity for the beached-out:


Most of all, it was really nice to be on vacation with our awesome neighbors, the Thornburghs and Staabs. The kids all get along like siblings (for better or for worse), and while they are all playing/sleeping, the grown-ups get along pretty darn well too 🙂 And the <4 hour drive was totally doable, thanks to our awesome car kids! Needless to say, this will not be our last trip to Port A!

Hail-o Spring

It was a strange week in Austin, weather-wise. We welcomed Monday with a massive hail storm:

IMG_1929But by Tuesday we were in the mid-80’s, putting the chickens back outside (including our NEW Tipitina replacement, a very similar-looking Rhode Island Red named Loberta):

P1210415Speaking of which, one-legged Honey seems to be totally thriving, if a little off balance on occasion!


Perhaps the crazy weather was brought to us by my oldest friend, Dougie Levine, who visited from Ithaca all week (what a treat!!)?


By Saturday, Dougie headed back to his awesome family and we actually started our first swim lesson of the season, which the girls seemed to love:

IMG_1944They were so energized by the experience that they made us take them to the neighborhood pool today! Of course, the weather had already taken a turn for the worse by then, and we have another cold front coming in that should put us into the 40’s tomorrow… so we may need to put the bikinis away for a few more days.


All in all, it was a great week. hail, heat, hilarious girls and all.






Month to month, it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint what has changed (especially as our girls get a little older), but this month I’ve noticed a few big things with Annabelle:

IMG_17471) She is completely obsessed with the movie Frozen.
Our girl who once couldn’t sit through an entire movie has now seen Frozen something like 12 times, knows all of the words of every scene, let alone every song, and… get this… isn’t tone deaf! I mean, she won’t be launching her singing career anytime soon, but she now actually reaches for correct notes instead of the mostly-monotone crooning she used to do. It is refreshing, to say the least. This, combined with her progress on the piano, is giving us hope for some level of musical ability in the future (photo is of her balcony performance at Mamom’s house this weekend):
2) She is having more fun playing with Clementine.
I think we owe this to their joint love of Frozen and the sister-bonding that is the central theme to the movie, but the girls have been better than ever at playing together this month, often making each other laugh so hard that you run in, thinking it must be pain that is leading to the screams! Clementine has always been devoted to her big sis, but Annabelle will get downright grumpy now when Clementine doesn’t want to play with her. It’s especially sweet watching her reach for her sister’s hand in times of uncertainty, the way she used to reach for ours. (slightly inappropriate photo taken in Mamom’s awesome tub):
3) The girl has empathy after all!
It was a rough week for the Davis chickens. It seems a possum (or similar predator) managed to dig under the coop on the chickens’ first few days of living outside. Tipitina was taken completely (almost no evidence), but Annabelle’s chicken, Honey, lost a leg in the tussle. And the girl who has shown very little emotion over several close relations (human and animal) was distraught. For days, she’d approach me with thoughts of prosthetic chicken legs, or alternate theories of “what happened that night.” There are discussions of how brave Honey was to defend the other chickens, thoughts that perhaps Tipitina escaped and made her way to another chicken family, etc.
P1210202As much as I might grumble on occasion that I need to get these monthly posts in (as I type this after flying 4+ hours with both kids by myself, with unpacking and work catch-up to do but already a few days late)… I am always glad when I take the time to do them. I think that without these posts, the changes would go so fast that I wouldn’t realize the little shifts till we’d blown past them! And can you blame us for wanting to savor every moment of this?