I can’t believe it – did I accidentally skip a week of posting to the blog? I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but it might have had something to do with the fact that we were more busy than usual with the added celebrating of Marc’s birthday and our anniversary:

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Local Weekend

It’s been one of those awesome neighborhood weekends we’ve been experiencing more and more since the elementary school has plugged us in even more locally. From Friday night, when the neighbors in back of us (THES grandparents) invited BOTH of our girls over from 6-8 PM to watch a movie with their grandkids, to Saturday’s “Fun Run” where kids in the school were encourage to meet up at the park (a block away) for some active time:


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Lobsterfest 2013

Pretty sure this was our 8th-ish Lobsterfest and maybe it’s just because we forget 364 days after the fact, but as always, I feel confident in declaring it our best one yet!!  Or even if we’ve plateau’ed in “bestness,” it was our easiest one yet – which made it “best” for Marc and me!

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