Racing and Remodeling

We’ve been having fun with some improvements at the Davis house lately. In the past week, we sold our guest bed and changing table and purchased an awesome sleeper sofa to make the guest room a lot more usable throughout the year, switched some big things around in the girls’ rooms to fit with their growing interests, and changed up my office so I can use a treadmill desk while I work (only two days in, I love it and my back seems to too!). Of course, that all involved a fair amount of time at Ikea…IMG_8611


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New (Jew) Year

This week marked Rosh Hashanah – the beginning of a new year and the beginning of many days off from Jewish preschool for Clementine! Thankfully, we all managed to keep ourselves busy and had an especially fun time New Year’s feasting with Annabelle’s friend Phoebe and her family. Here was our version of traditional “Jewish Apple Cake,” Texas-style (a 6 lb pie, baked in Boerne, TX):IMG_8497 Continue reading

Labor Day Weekend

One week of school down, and we’re starting to figure this whole new world (of two kids, spending 6-7 hours at two different schools) around here! It’s a lot of structure and much earlier mornings, which has left us with some pretty exhausted kiddos who mainly just need to hang out when we’re at home:IMG_0020 Continue reading