Clementine has really settled in well to her two-and-a-half-year-old status this past month. She is a serious conversationalist, keeping chats going with phrases that don’t usually come out of such little mouths (responding with an “oh, I didn’t realize that” or giving play-by-plays with “and then I was like… and then he was like…”). Her extreme inflections sound hilarious coming out in her little munchkin voice that it’s hard not to laugh as she tells us what’s up for hours on end.

Ella Davis: November 30, 1999 – July 23, 2013

It was still the 90’s. Marc and I had been dating for nearly a year, and though it was too early (and we were too young) to officially say so, we knew we’d be spending the rest of our lives together. He was ready to buy his first house, and he wanted me to join him. I wanted it too, but being the keen negotiator that I’ve always been, I realized I was in a unique bargaining position. “I’ll move in with you if we can get a dog,” I replied. And the rest was history.


Annabelle at 5.5 is such a wonderfully interesting human in so many ways that it’s hard to sum her up! This was a big month for her — she graduated preschool, went to a brand new camp where she knew no-one, finished swim lessons, and had about 100 playdates and parties with kids older, younger, and just her age. Of course, few would guess that she is only five-and-a-half, but she will set them straight. Let’s just say that she has been looking forward to this half-birthday for a WHILE.


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