It’s official. I hate to even say it, but there are no babies in the Davis house. The other night, when Clementine had a nightmare or a tooth coming in and woke up screaming, Marc went in to comfort her and as I peeked in, there she was, a full-size little girl absolutely spilling out of his arms! I must admit, it hit me hard. Not in an “I need another one” sort of way but it did make me a little sad to realize that the baby phase is officially over in the Davis house.

Girls’ Weekend

Marc was gone this weekend, celebrating our wonderful friend Pat’s 40th birthday. And while I was pretty jealous that he spent 4 days in a mansion in the Hamptons with some of my favorite people, eating at renowned restaurants and ending his evenings with bonfires on the beach, the Davis ladies had plenty of their own fun. We did what you might expect three girls to do – we shoe shopped:

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