Mom-Away Weekend


Mother’s Day weekend is always a sweet one, made even sweeter as the girls get older and their “gifts” become more inspired. This year, along with countless drawings and love notes (and a group performance as part of the pre-K “Mother’s Day Tea”), Annabelle presented me with a gift certificate to “Iris Spa,” where she offered me a mani/pedi and various other services she imagined would come as part of the package (brushing my hair, reading me a book, etc.):



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Marc-less Weekend

The past several days I’ve been able to pay Marc back for my recent Philly/Charlottesville trip. While he’s been partaking in outrageously good music, food and guy time in New Orleans for Jazzfest, the girls and I have been on our own. And for a change, I decided to try out Marc’s single parenting strategy – keep them busy:IMG_6735

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Sometimes when she’s waxing poetic about Princess Sparkle Whatever from My Little Pony or telling you her favorite singer is now Taylor Swift (admittedly she has never heard a Taylor Swift song, but her friend says she’s awesome), or is acting ridiculous (one of her favorite words) with Clementine:

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