As great as last week’s trip was, it was good getting back to normal and filling our weekend with the silly stuff that eats up most of our weekends in Austin – dinner parties, birthday parties, neighborhood parties, playdates, dog walks, rinse and repeat.

I will say that the “usual” was especially fun this weekend, possibly because between Marc and my travel schedules, this was the only one out of 4 weekends in a row that all of us would be together.  Or maybe because of things like…

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Lauren Heads East

It was an unusual week at the Davis house, namely because I was not there for most of it! Marc, Annabelle, Clementine and Ella held down the fort while I headed east to visit my mom, check in on the shore house (first time checking out repairs since Hurricane Sandy), and sneak in a girl’s trip with my high school friends in Charlottesville, Virginia. It didn’t seem like a long time away when I booked it (1 day at the shore, 2 days with Mom, and 2 days with friends) but in the end, I was gone from these munchkins for the better part of a week!


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