Lucky Ducks

I have to say, it was a pretty great week to be a Davis. Marc and I got to go to some cool SXSW sessions early in the week (and as usual, loved having Elliot visit), but got back to work Wednesday in time for me to play hookie Thursday morning to take the girls on the Amy’s Ice Cream Factory tour!

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SXSWow Austin is busy this month!

This week kicked of the giant annual SXSW conference. What started out as a music event is now threatening to take over the entire month of March in Austin. Monday through Thursday of this week, I attended SXSWedu, the education piece of the conference, which was incredibly interesting. I heard from some real superstars (ranging from the 2012 U.S. teacher of the year to Bill Gates, to everyone in between) and got a much better feel for where education needs to head in this country if we’re ever going allow our children to meet their potential. Marc and Diane stood in for me while I spent long hours downtown learning about everything from great tech tools and websites, to awesome innovations that are happening in education around the world.

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