Half in Philly

This weekend, we Davises did some serious “divide-and-conquer-ing.” It’d been too long since our last Philly visit, but piling all four of us on a plane (especially because we now have to pay for a seat for Clementine) seemed like a lot… so we decided to divide the family in half – and give Marc and Clementine some quality Austin time while Annabelle and I adventured to Mamom’s house.


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Five-year-old Annabelle is the best. While she can drive us a little crazy living in such a “let’s pretend” world, she is so good at making her own fun. She’ll talk about how crazy it would be if up was down and down was up, or try to alliterate as much as possible (Mama, instead of Brooks’ house we should call it Brooks’ big blue building), or speak in weird accents (finally had to stop these because Clamentine was learning the wrong ways to pronounce things). Today at the park, when her best buddies didn’t want to bike with her, she shed a few tears but then found a random other kid to ride with… and eventually her friends came back:

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