Life’s a Party

It was a busy work week for us Davises – there were video shoots (my client), endless neighborhood meetings (poor Marc, AFTER a long day at work), field trips to caverns (that would be Annabelle), and the general hard work of being two (The Mighty Clem)… but we all managed to take a load off this weekend.

It started on Friday evening, when we invited some of our favorite neighbors over for “happy hour” at 5, which ended up going till about 9:30 PM and ended in a major toddler drum jam session:



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Hemmerdingers Visit!

For 4 years in college, there was nobody I spent more time with than my roomies. We’ve since spread out (1 in Manhattan, 1 in the NY burbs, 1 in Boston), grown some families (4 husbands and 7 kids) but we still manage to keep track of each other. And every once in a blue moon, we still get to hang out. So when Tracy suggested bringing her clan to Austin for a long weekend, I jumped on it! Her kids Nathan and Ruby are roughly Annabelle and Clementine’s age, and they got along famously.

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Real Life in 2013

It was back to reality this week at the Davis house. The girls headed back to preschool, Marc and I worked a full, hard work week, there were drum lessons and long meetings and early mornings and doctors appointments and schedule juggles. I remembered how nice my Tuesday and Thursday mornings are with my littlest love (Diane doesn’t come till 10:30 those days):

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Mermaid on Wheels

It was a crazy but exciting weekend at the Davis house – or should I say, Davis Lagoon? Yesterday we hosted about 25 mermaids & sharks and their parents for Annabelle’s 5th birthday. Marc would probably say I went overboard (pun intended), but I had a very fun time fulfilling Annabelle’s fin-tastic dreams – creating octo-tizers…


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