Merry Christmas!

Being in Austin for Christmas instead of traveling up to Ithaca is never quite as much of an adventure and certainly makes us miss our family… but it sure is simple and relaxing! ¬†From dinner at the Althuis house (amazing food and wonderful friends – with whom we’ve created our own not-flying-home holiday traditions on alternate years):


To late night sprinkling of reindeer food with Sam and Gracie:

IMG_5218… to a final reading of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” (interactive iPad edition):

IMG_5231… to being able to wrap all of this loot and not worry about getting it home!

IMG_2990Of course, the best part is how easy it is to put the girls to sleep in their own beds and have them wake up calmly at normal times (actually we finally woke a dozing Clementine up at 9!)… and then watch them go totally nuts for their gifts!

IMG_7990(Clementine loved her ladybug suitcase from Great Gram!).

IMG_7970Of course, Annabelle got an amazing pile of thoughtful and beautiful gifts, but her favorite of the morning was the slap bracelets she asked for from Santa, which were strung around the tree like garland (Santa found them 50 for $8 online).

Clementine was pleased to see Santa brought what she’d asked for – breakfast bars:

IMG_5237Luckily, Santa through in a few extra items for her for good measure… although none of them competed with the final gift… a ZIP LINE!

IMG_5244The cherry on top of the day was a 3 hour nap from both of our children (this never happens anymore) during which we were able to pull the whole house back together… and a delicious, traditional Davis Seafood Newburg dinner we were able to share with the Thornburghs next door.

All in all, it was a picture perfect, magical Christmas day. And to all a good night!








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