Wacky Weekend

You know those weekends you know you just have to stay on task to make happen? Friday afternoon Marc and I felt ready to tackle it all – a birthday dinner for the dog, a neighborhood fundraiser, Home Depot Kids Day, the Blue Santa Parade, a trip to Elgin to cut down our own Christmas tree, getting our own house holiday-festive, the tree-lighting sing-along at the Capitol, 2 birthday parties and a black tie affair (along with our normal weekend requirements of house cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping).

We started out on track (Happy 13th birthday, most wonderful pup ever! Glad you enjoyed your Guero’s nachos!):

The fundraiser was wonderful, too – I met so many intelligent, kind and thoughtful Travis Heights Elementary School parents as we ate delicious food (cooked by a chef/THES dad) out in the yard of a beautiful house down the street and raised money for the dual language program. Seriously, that evening may have clinched our choice of elementary schools for Annabelle!  All while Marc was having a (very safe) bed jumping party of his own):

In any case, Friday Night = Success! Until about 2:45 AM, when we got a call. In a bit of surprising, exciting news, our next door neighbor Natalee went into early labor! Marc stayed with the girls and I headed to hang with sweet big brother Charlie as his baby bro Will was being born. Charlie was confused to see me at first but seemed to enjoy serving tea to our girls when they woke up in the morning:

While Charlie’s morning visit postponed our morning, we realized we just had to ditch the Home Depot project and then choose between the Blue Santa parade and the Elgin Tree Cutting. We chose Elgin, then waffled back and forth to getting the tree from our neighborhood nursery (I think the girls just really wanted that tree up). In the end, it was a moot point, as trusty Old Blue shirked his Christmastime duties and broke down halfway out of our garage. While Marc attempted to fix him, the girls and I hugged every tree at The Great Outdoors on Congress Avenue, ultimately picking an awesome one and tying it to the Audi to bring it home.

By the time Marc finally (with neighbor help) at least shoved Old Blue into the garage so we could close the garage door, we’d missed the tree lighting, the house was a wreck (the girls had opened all of our boxes of decorations), and our wonderful neighbors texted – we’re still in the hospital but have a great bottle of Champagne that could stand to be shared!  So we quickly secured a sitter, got the girls to bed, and promptly headed to the hospital (as long as you call promptly going to the wrong noodle house to pick up dinner, getting stuck at a railroad crossing, and arriving at the wrong hospital). The Thornburghs pretended to appreciate their cold 9PM noodles and lets just say that by that point, Marc and I were really ready for a drink!

Sunday was definitely more organized. For one thing, we spent the entire morning cleaning the disastrous house. Then Marc took Clementine on errands while I took Annabelle to an ice skating party for her friend Madeleine. The party was awesome and after last week’s practice, the kid was a star!

Then we swung up to the hospital to deliver the carseat piece the Thornburghs had asked us to bring the night before (yeah, we forgot it) before heading to birthday party #2, which was on my calendar wrong and is actually NEXT Sunday.  Oops. The good news is that it got us back home to do more laundry, walk the dog, and decorate the TREE!!

While getting the star on was a bit of a challenge, the rest of it was a blast and the final product (including the paper chains we’d made of old holiday cards a few weeks back) was fabulous:

Marc got the girls fed while I started getting ready for our black tie evening (a “Dancing with the Stars” competition and fundraiser for the Center for Child Protection), the sitter showed up, and we actually made it on time and glammed up for the event:

The evening was odd but entertaining, especially because our top pick and friend, Andra Liemandt, blew everyone away and won the Mirror Ball Trophy. She was seriously the best one by a landslide. although it was fun to see all competitors do their best (local doctors, philanthropists, artists, the superintendent of Austin ISD, etc.):

We got home late Sunday and were pretty relieved we’d made it through the weekend. Perhaps it was good practice for next weekend, which involves a dinner party, three birthday parties, a holiday party and a half marathon for Marc. Easy peasy!




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