Boo-tiful Weekend

Friday we went to the Halloween carnival at the local elementary school, which Annabelle loved with the exception of the “Haunted Hallway.” We had to continuously convince her that if she went to kindergarten there, the hallway would be totally normal – no ghouls whatsoever except on Halloween.

Saturday morning we wagonned down to the nearby church with Ella to pick out the perfect Jack-o-lantern pumpkin…

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I almost never travel for business, but it was unavoidable this past week. I had been planning a conference for a client for about 6 months, and as much as I encouraged its location to be Austin, the client chose Washington D.C. So off I went Monday to work with the team (from India, the Netherlands, DC & Austin) while Marc took on all parenting responsibilities for a whole week.

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First, there were penguins. We would slide on our bellies, waddle around the house, and cover everything in white to create Antarctica.

Next there were mermaids. We wore diaphanous gowns and slithered around in tails, eating seaweed and brushing our very long hair.

Now, there is Misty. Of Chincoteague. And because of her (and the many books about her and her offspring), there are wild ponies. Not to mention the occasional “unicone”:

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We’ve hit the one-and-three-quarters mark and our little nugget continues to grow in leaps and bounds! Most notably this month, she has taken on preschool like a pro. Three days per week, we get our little “Duck Note” from Miss Judy, who always circles “happy,” “energetic” and “talkative” on the behavior chart. The only negative write-in comment pertains to Clem’s naptime challenges. “If she isn’t going to nap,” Miss Judy writes, “she is going to have to at least learn how to keep quiet.”  I am looking forward to seeing how long it takes before Miss Judy gives up on that one.

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