First Day of School!

We got back to Austin with one week to get back to real life and prep for preschool! With Annabelle in her final year (pre-K) and Clem in her first one (toddler class, 3 days/week), we knew we had a lot of preparation to do. So we went shopping for new shoes (the highly versatile, highly fashionable “cupcake Vans”):

We gathered everything on the lists from the Bear teachers and Duck teachers: Continue reading


Four years and seven months into her life, I have to say that Annabelle is one of the most unique little people I have ever known. Throughout the month I have seen equal parts

  • Beauty & Grace: From how she handles herself with other kids and adults, to how she tries so hard to be a good person, to how she works at things that challenge her, such as swimming and drums:
  • Unabashed Quirkiness: From how she wakes up each morning trying to decide what to BE (a weasel? a cuckoo clock?), to when she asks the most ridiculous “what if” questions (What if there were no cups or bowls or containers or anything? How would we drink?), to how she falls asleep with panties and noise-reduction earphones on her head: Continue reading

Camp Rosie

Ten days ago, I enrolled Annabelle and Clementine in the best summer camp ever. It didn’t have a theme song or an elaborate campus. It didn’t have color wars or even the bug juice and fruit roll-up snacks I remember from my camp days. So what DID it have? Cousin Rosie, of course!

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