Little Mermaid(s)

Plenty of great stuff happened this weekend, but not a single one of the super fun playdates, nights out, and other summertime activities (not even an ice cream truck pulling up right in front of our house!) comes close to the momentousness of one simple addition to our humble home:

The mermaid tail:

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Beating the Heat

With the whole country in a major heat wave, I have to say it’s nice to be in Austin, Texas. From friends with pools to neighborhood pools to kiddy pools to daily swim lessons and splash parks, we understand around here that the way to stay cool in triple digit heat is to stay wet. 

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In case you haven’t heard the bugles sound or read the skywriting, Annabelle is Four-And-A-Half today! And if this is half as excited as she is going to be when she turns five, I think we’ll need the next 6 months to prepare. But even as we roll our eyes, we can’t help thinking that we love this girl so much, we might just buy her a pony if she asked:

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