Memorial Day Weekend

The long weekend isn’t even over yet – and there’s still a week left of school – but these past few days have definitely marked the beginning of summer. We started swim lessons for Annabelle (Clementine’s start in a couple weeks), headed to a sprinkler park for the first time of the year, ate many meals outside and on the sun porch, and even hit the shaved ice stand on South Congress after dinner. Tomorrow we’ll celebrate Memorial Day with a picnic at Little Stacy Park, where a few great musicians will be playing a free evening show for the kids. We may be a little sticky (combination of 90 degree weather and shaved ice) but we’re all excited to be entering the excitement of summer!

Please excuse the brevity of the post (gotta save some stories for the upcoming “monthaversary” posts), but here are a few snaps in the meantime:

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For the past 3 weeks, I embarked on a personal challenge. At the strong recommendation of a few friends and colleagues I trust, I decided to try a “Purification Program” or cleanse. I must admit, I’ve always looked at these very skeptically, but I’d been hearing more and more about them and was surprised at the types of people who swore by them for various reasons (increase in energy, better sleep, breaking bad habits, better digestion, clearer skin, weight management, etc.). The one that was recommended to me is by a company called Standard Process, who also supplies all of the supplements you are supposed to take throughout the cleanse (protein/vitamin powder for twice/day smoothies, plus lots of “whole food” vitamins – literally 30 pills per day in the beginning).

For the past 21 days, I have basically not eaten a single processed food. Just fruits, vegetables, lean meats, brown rice and healthy oils – as much as I’ve wanted. No caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners (except tiny amounts of stevia in the protein shakes), no dairy, no gluten, no beans, no nuts or seeds — not even starchy veggies like potatoes, corn or peas. ¬†And so I present to you…. the purified me!! (this pic taken at 11pm after a full day of work and kids with no makeup on, so you know, it’s as pure as it gets):

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Happy Mother’s Day!

As if on cue, this was one of those weekends that has always made me feel so incredibly lucky to be a Mom, and to have such incredible role models who have showed me what being a mother is all about. Marc and I did nothing but enjoy our girls this weekend – at parties, at the park, for some great meals out and in, and goofing¬†around at home. While this was the best Mother’s Day pic we could wrangle:

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Our Girl On Stage

After a year of “creative movement” once a week with fellow 3 and 4 year old friends, today was Annabelle’s very first recital at the JCC School of Dance. Any mother who has ever watched a dance recital with 3 and 4 year olds knows exactly what it was like, I’m sure. Annabelle said she was not nervous, but she was extremely serious throughout the entire weekend (rehearsal, recital, dressing room, etc.). This was the biggest smile she was willing to crack before going on stage:

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Do you know what happens if you let Annabelle sit at the dinner table without being prompted to stop talking and take bites? 2.5 hours later you will will have to eventually give up, because she will still be sitting there, telling stories. My favorite question she asks when I’m bugging her about this is “What if I only talk to myself?” Because that’s actually fine with her (not preferred, but better than silence). And what does she actually talk about? Lately, it’s a lot of chatter about school friends, flying (she’s been talking about figuring out how to fly for years), and mermaids: Continue reading