Home Stretch

Between the hot rod show, Marc’s San Francisco trip and Jazzfest, I feel like I’ve been single parenting on the weekends for a pretty big chunk of April. And while I’m happy that by tomorrow evening, the stretch will be over, I will say that the experience taught me a few things:

1) Women whose husbands travel all the time really do get my vote. It’s not an easy gig – so much more exhausting than working at a “real job.” I am ready to go to bed hours earlier on mom days than on work days. But I’ll also say, I feel more rested in the mornings.

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Hot Rods & Hagaddahs

After so much travel last weekend, it felt great to take it easy this weekend. After all, as Annabelle reinforced with us all week, Passover reminds us that we aren’t slaves, so we should relax to celebrate!

Of course, relaxing in the Davis house (or I assume, any house with 2 tots) is pretty much what you’d expect – playdates, our awesome Hyde Park seder (where Annabelle found not one but ALL SIX afikomens… helps that she was the only eligible hunter and talked people’s ears off till they’d give her clues), a birthday party, two sets of friends in town staying with us, the annual Lonestar Roundup Hot Rod show (where Marc’s caddy was one of the featured attractions!)…

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Lately, Annabelle has been wanting to look older. She tells me teenagers wear a little of their hair up in a barrette, and that when she is 14 – the same age as when she’ll get her ears pierced (these are clip-ons) – she will also put black makeup on her eyes like Katy Perry and her big cousin Bonnie.

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Miami Getaway

I realize, and thank my lucky stars almost daily, that I am not someone who ever really needs to escape her current life. But any mom will attest that a few days away can really rejuvenate, restore patience, and generally make us better to be around.

Rachel and I had been talking about a girls’ trip for years and finally pulled it off this weekend. We chose Miami as a fun hotspot with easy access from both New York and Austin. It was perfect.

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