Ithaca in Austin

Marc’s family knows how to do Austin. They come in late March – after the craziness of SXSW and Spring Break but while plenty of the best entertainment is still around… not to mention the best weather of the year. And of course, Gramma (now Great Gram’s) birthday!

This year we managed to make the most of our four days of four generations of family. It started with the rodeo, where Annabelle, Clementine and cousin Desmond conquered rides, fun houses, cotton candy and livestock.

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March always seems to mark the “busy season” for us in Austin – I think it’s a combination of the gorgeous weather, nonstop local festivals and a full recovery from the holidays that makes us want to travel/take on big plans again.

In any case, this week we hit March head on! Marc was elected president of our neighborhood association, and I took on several house projects that had been on hold for a while (the biggest one being an Ikea “workstation” for Annabelle’s room):

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