One Year Old

A year ago today, we were presented with a cute, rather hairy, round faced, curly toed little munchkin with a killer stare and seemingly not much problem with the world. I’ll never forget the way she was delivered without a cry, looking around trying to figure out what was before her. In a lot of ways, that was a pretty good introduction to our darling Clementine. But it took about six more months to figure out she had a rascally side…

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Thirty Five

This year went by in a snap and dragged on forever, all at the same time. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the number 35, but I feel like I may look back and realize this was the year I became a grown up. Which is why I’m attempting to write my very first ever “milestone” post that isn’t centered on our delicious girls – you know which ones I’m talking about: Continue reading

“Making” Christmas Cookies

Most of you know that I bought a 3D Printer last year and I have been using it for various projects here and there. ┬áIt’s called a MakerBot and it sits here in the den right beside my work computer where I can mess around with it when I get bored:

This holiday season, I came up with a few ideas about how to use the MakerBot for some fun projects and this weekend we got a chance to try it out! Continue reading

Small Stuff

Some highlights from our week:

Clementine got hit with a raging ear infection that kept her (/us) up screaming from 11pm to 6am one night.

Annabelle went to her follow-up eye appointment where we were told she’ll need to wear a patch 2 hours/day for the next 2 to 4 years (till her eyes mature).

My car died. Ella puked all over the house. And we soldiered through my dad’s birthday without him for the first time. Continue reading