Ice Princess

Ever since I taught 4 and 5 year olds to ice skate in college, I looked forward to the moment I could teach my own little one. That moment came today and the best part was that Annabelle LOVED it. Seriously, it was freezing cold, unbelievably windy and we were on the dinkiest little ice rink ever (on top of the Whole Foods building) and she was starving for lunch, and still I had to beg her to get off the ice after over an hour!

Check out this video of our future (6 foot tall) Nancy Kerrigan on her first day out.


Austin Thanksgiving

As much as nothing beats family on Thanksgiving, I have to say that dinner at Cara and Robert’s house is a close second. ¬†After being up east last weekend, we decided it made sense to repeat last year’s feast with the Althuises and the Mortons instead of fighting the pain of holiday travel (knowing we’ll be trekking to Ithaca for Christmas). It didn’t hurt that in Austin, this is Thanksgiving weather:

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Rosie’s Bat Mitzvah

Not just any kid could make us want to shlep our girls halfway across the country the week before Thanksgiving to attend a Bat Mitzvah… but of course, cousin Rosie is about the furthest thing from “just any kid” you could be. In fact, she is so mature, wise, thoughtful and fun to talk to that sometimes we forget she’s only 13! But then you meet about 50 of her friends and watch them all on the dance floor… and you remember:

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True Story…

Did you know that the metal cornice that runs across one of the buildings downtown is actually a track for a train? It turns out that a while back, when Marc was in Ithaca and I was in Philly, Annabelle built that train. She went to Home Depot and got the special “Birthday Wood” there to make it really nice looking and colorful, and then she built the whole thing herself. Actually, Diane and Marco helped her but we probably shouldn’t ask them about it because it was a REALLY long time ago and they probably don’t remember. And unfortunately, you can’t see the train itself because it’s nocturnal – it only comes out at night when we are all sleeping. Continue reading

It’s About (Clemen)Time!

This week we finally got a tooth (barely visible but sharp, right in the middle of her bottom gums).

We’ve also had a lot more non-holding-on standing and bold cruising.

And we got our first word. Of COURSE this was her first word. Watch out, friends and family… we’ve got a (so cute that you hardly notice) trouble maker on our hands!



This morning, an hour earlier than usual, we heard singing coming from Annabelle’s room. When I went in to tell her it was still dark outside, she said, “I’m just so excited because it’s almost my birthday! All that’s left after November is December!” It is with this level of enthusiasm that Annabelle continues to start and end her days. And the middle isn’t so bad either!

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