Ten Months Old

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s SuperClem! She can make it almost all the way up the stairs while you are throwing out her dirty diaper. She can splash in an open toilet or water bowl in the time it takes you to say, “Did you see which direction she went?” She can climb into the dishwasher and pull out a knife in the time it takes you to rinse that next dish. She can feed all of her food to the dog as you turn around to coax her sister into finishing her vegetables. She is a FORCE – and a fun one at that.

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This was the first weekend in a while – and for a while – that Marc and/or I didn’t have any commitments, so we were both happy to get some to do’s checked off our lists (Me – finish the Halloween costumes. Marc – fix the bathroom sink. Me – find sneakers that actually fit Annabelle. Marc – get our new iPhones up and running. You get the picture). Thankfully, we made enough progress that we also had some time to simply enjoy our little pumpkins… and take them to pick out some pumpkins of their own!

Clementine couldn’t decide:

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In a standard day, Annabelle will now wear 4-6 outfits. At least 1 will involve a tutu. She likes pink more than ever before (though she’ll still say yellow is her favorite), “because pink is the color we wear in ballet and I LOVE ballet.” She has a best friend at school, Madeleine, and is constantly asking me to do her hair in a braid and a ponytail like Madeleine, and let her use the yellow lunchbox like Madeleine, and switch to Madeleine’s swim class instead of hers. She wakes up in the morning and tells us we must gather on the couch, as she has looked on her computer and a “performance” (her dancing on the ottoman) is about to start. She loves nothing more than to attend a good party. Continue reading