Nine Months Old

How is it possible that our little rascal is already 9 months old? She is growing up quickly – but in her mind, it’s not going NEARLY as quickly as she’d like. In short, we get the feeling Clementine is EXTREMELY frustrated by the fact that she is not yet Annabelle. As much as she tries to dance and sing and climb and run and jump, she’s still stuck a baby.

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Social Responsibilities

Let’s see, there was dinner with neighbors Friday, followed by drinks with other neighbors. Saturday we got a sitter to celebrate an impending birth (kegger style) and a 40th birthday. And then tonight – the school fundraiser for me and the outing for Marc & the girls to dance to Marco’s band at Jovita’s. Plus all that regular weekend stuff that has you up to your ears in laundry, grocery shopping, trips to Home Depot, and several “performances” with multiple costume changes by the one and only Annabelle Claire Davis. Continue reading

Austin City Limits Music Festival… Round 10

This weekend marked the 10th annual Austin City Limits Music Festival – and the 10th one Marc and I have attended. From the music (130 bands including Stevie, Coldplay, Ray LaMontagne, Cee Lo, Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes, Allison Krauss, Foster the People, Kanye, Ryan Bingham, Iron & Wine, Mavis Staples, Randy Newman, etc.) to the food (grilled corn salad with soft boiled egg, oyster tacos with habenero aoli, crispy artichokes, chocolate milkshakes, watermelon aqua frescas, …) to the weather (staying in the 80’s and lower ’90’s with a light shower here and there), it ranked up there as possibly my favorite ACL yet. Continue reading

Bay Area Drop-In

Just as we were getting settled back into Austin life, an opportunity came up that we couldn’t turn down – the chance to head out to the Bay Area to celebrate Grampa Charlie’s daughter Dassance as she married her soulmate Reed. Of course, given our recent travels, we weren’t really in a spot to make it a full vacation. So Friday afternoon we closed up “shop” and took the girls for a 3 day stint all over the Bay Area… where it turned out to be about 50 degrees cooler than Austin:

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