Hot Babes

While it’s nothing compared to my poor east coast family and friends who got pummeled by Hurricane Irene yesterday and today, I would like to record for future reference that the temperature today was 112. For those of you who can’t appreciate what that feels like, picture 100 degrees, and then imagine it much hotter than that.

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Back to Reality

Nothing like double-booked work-days, triple digit weather, overtired girls who forget how to sleep through the night, a head-exploding sinus infection, and a husband who bought a scale that publishes to the Internet to snap you back to real life. This week I was just thanking my lucky stars that our real life includes a nanny (who was thrilled to reunite with her babies), because Diane pulled her biggest week ever for us so that we could cobble together some semblance of sanity at Casa Davis. Continue reading

East Coast Trip: The Jersey Leg

It’s with mixed emotions that I wrap up the last leg of THIRTY DAYS OF FUN. On the one hand, it will be nice to get back to our lovely home and our own beds (beds where we once again enforce strict sleep rules, as I would not call this trip THIRTY DAYS OF RESTFUL SLEEP for any of us). But on the other hand, it’ll be strange when walking down the street for ice cream does not look like this:

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East Coast Trip: Part Two

Ahhh, what to say about the lake house? Imagine waking up every morning to this:While our Austin friends were melting from 108 degree weather, we were sharing a beautiful old house with Amity, Justin & baby Desmond, doing flips and cannonballs off our dock on Cayuga Lake, being visited nonstop by grandparents and our closest childhood friends, and watching the three little Davis cousins get along swimmingly.
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