Two Weeks Down, Two to Go

Somehow the Austin Davises are already halfway through our month-long east coast tour. And I must admit, we’re on to the part we were most looking forward to – the part where we stop checking email (as much) and tell clients we can’t talk (unless it’s really important).

Even so, I am really glad we decided to add those first two “working weeks” to our trip, as are a couple of other people I know:

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What a Zoo!

So, after two weeks of working in Philly, we had started to get into a routine… unfortunately, that meant that we weren’t taking advantage of the city. Before we left for Ithaca, we decided to take a trip to the awesome Philadelphia Zoo! Annabelle was mesmerized by all the “real zoo” animals she’s never seen at the humble Austin Zoo. Clementine had a great time babbling away in the back pack and Rosie was delighted to not be doing her usual home-based babysitting activities like building a Lego tower or painting Annabelle’s nails. A perfect activity to end our stay in Philly!


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Seven Months Old

Clementine spent her seventh month the way she has spent a good part of her young life – half in Austin and half in Philly. But all that jet-lag didn’t hold her back one bit. In fact, Month 7 has brought with it such excitement as getting herself into both sitting and standing positions, crawling, picking up finger foods, and using all of those combined skills to search out and experiment with any choking hazard or dog toy around! Is it me, or can you see this mischievous new behavior in her face?

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Pool Party!

After we went bowling, Jenny brought Emma, Clayton, Charlotte, and Cole over to Mamom’s and we had a little impromptu pool party. You’d think this was a the pool at The Four Seasons based upon the amount of fun they all had. ¬† Especially fun to see them all squirting each other with the hose… I think the magic of “cousins” is curing Annabelle of her fear of getting water in her eyes. Continue reading

Philly Living

This week marked the beginning of our first ever attempt to work remotely with two kids (and a dog). Marc and Ella drove to Philly over the course of three days last weekend and the girls and I flew in on Saturday. Also on Saturday, the awesome Arbittiers of York came to Mamom’s house and dropped off the most important piece of our working-remotely-puzzle: Rosie.

Rosie & Clementine

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So Sad to Say Goodbye

… to hundreds of heartfelt posts on the old iWeb blog. It’s kind of like switching over to middle school – you know you have to do it, and it’s the right thing to do, and in no time it will feel perfectly natural…¬† but the water fountains are too high and you know people are going to judge you by your slouch socks and the fact that you don’t yet wear a bra.

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